5 Kitchen Items You’re Storing the Wrong Way

kitchen items you're storing

Have you ever thought about the way you store items in your kitchen?

I typically store items in my household kitchen in the same place. It’s been a long time habit, and I myself have never actually considered if I am storing my kitchen items the best way.

Reevaluating how you store your items in the kitchen might actually be worth your time.

It was definitely worth my time once I found out I was actually harming many of my kitchen items. You might discover that you are doing the same as me.

So consider reevaluating your kitchen storage methods to protect ad extend the life of your items in your kitchen. Here are 5 Kitchen Items You’re Storing the Wrong Way!

1. Knives

If you throw your knives into a utensil drawer you’re doing more harm than good to your knives. It’s dangerous to keep your knives in a tangled up pile, especially when someone reaches into the drawer to grab a knife and cuts themselves accidentally. The knife blades are also banging upon each other which can cut their longevity short. 

Instead, you want to store your knives in a knife block or magnetic strip to keep your knives and fingers protected. 

2. Cookie Sheets

Stacking your cookie sheets in a pile can take up valuable space in your kitchen. It’s best to store your cookie sheets vertically. Use tension rods to get them upright or use a file folder-style divider

kitchen items you're storing

3. Spices

Transferring your spices into other containers is time-consuming. But it can also get very messy too and take up even more storage in your kitchen. Instead, it might be best to leave them alone in their original containers.

4. Cast Iron

Neatly storing your cast iron with your other cookware pans and pots is actually damaging. Metal on metal can scratch up and damage the finish on your cast iron. This will then wear out your cast iron quicker.

Instead, place a paper towel below and on top of it so it will take up any extra moisture and prevent your cast iron from rusting. You can always hang your iron casts on a rack or on the wall too.

5. Canned Foods

Canned foods are already easy to store thanks to many of them being the same size. However, it’s easy to quickly lose track of how long those cans have been stored in your kitchen. 

Why spend all of that time checking for the expiration date when you can just store your cans in a storage rack and place the new cans in the back and keep the old ones in the front. You’ll use the older cans first with this method.

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