17 Must-Have Apps For Any Mom

must-have mom apps

If you are like me, there is one thing you never leave home without. That is your phone!

My phone has so many important apps that have helped me manage the endless details of my life. It has helped me countless times to keep my life organized when it comes to planning and knowing what my family is up to this week on our family calendar. I even have apps that have helped me keep track of my grocery list and saving money at the same time.

When you are trying to manage your family’s schedule, homework, and juggling life in general as a mom, I cannot recommend these must-have mom apps to help make it a little easier. 

Get Fit

Sworkit (Android & iOS) has a variety of different workout videos that will help guide you. It will help you reach your fitness goals whether it is to gain muscle, tone, or lose weight.

Seven (Android & iOS) helps you work out anywhere and anytime with no extra equipment. You only need 7 minutes of your time during the day to help reach your fitness goals. You can compete with friends, choose from 12 different engaging instructors, earn achievements, and create custom workouts.

Manage Money & Pay Bills

Mint (Android & iOS) helps you manage your money, pay bills, create budgets, and track your spending. I love how this helps you stay on top of your spending and managing your money.

Shop & Save More

Coupons.com (iOS) has an app that allows you to make and access your shopping list from your phone. It can keep a list of different stores. This app will help you save directly from your phone by using free digital coupons!

Ibotta (Android & iOS) will pay you back for buying items at the grocery store. Before you head into the grocery store, search for items on your shopping list on the app. Then when you get home you can quickly scan your receipt from your shopping trip and the money will be deposited into your account.

Receipt Hog (Android & iOS) lets you earn money by saving your receipts. Submit a photo of your receipts and earn rewards. The app will reward you with “coins” that you can redeem through PayPal for cash or even Amazon gift cards.

Keeping Tabs

Life 360 (Android & iOS) allows you to keep tabs on your family. You can see each of your family member’s location on a map with GPS technology, allowing you to easily check-in and see where your family is at! You can also group message the whole family. There are available paid versions for the app too that come with more perks.

Tracking Chores

Chorma (iOS) is an app that will help make doing chores fun for everyone. Family members earn points when they complete their chores and get fun rewards. The app syncs with each family member’s chores so everyone knows who is doing what chore. What a great way to motivate the whole family to get things done!

Get Organized

Picniic (Android & iOS) helps you keep the family organized by keeping track of different activities for every family member. Store and keep information about different events and activities your family is doing. There is even options to meal plan and store family photos.

TaskRabbit (Android & iOS) helps you find helpers that can assist you when you need some extra help. For example, the app will help you find movers to help you move in/out, assembling furniture, any handyman tasks, and much more.

Cozi (Android & iOS) is a simple family organizer app. It helps get you organized and coordinate activities. The app also has features of a to-do and shopping list.

Out Of Milk (Android & iOS) is your go-to app for when it comes to your grocery list. It allows you to save recipes, keep an inventory of your pantry, and get alerts on deals. You will also be notified when you are running low on stock.

CareZone (Android & iOS) easily keeps track and helps you manage your family’s medicines and prescriptions. It also has dosage instructions and other health matters that can help you with your family’s health. I love that this app helps you monitor any medication reactions your child might have.


CineMama (Android) helps you document your growing belly and baby. It can turn it into a time-lapse video too. What a great way to look back on and see your pregnancy!

Sprout Pregnancy (Android & iOS) tracks your pregnancy and your baby’s development. It includes a journal and contraction timer too.

HiMommy (Android & iOS) is a simple app that tracks your pregnancy and comes with useful checklists. Don’t worry about what your bringing to the hospital for mom, baby, and what to have at home.

Your Kid’s Schoolwork

Your kid’s school software likely has an app that can help you keep track of your kid’s homework assignments and grade reports. Ask your kid’s school if such an app exists so you can help keep your kids on track during the school year!

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