The Best Games to Teach Kids About Money

Teaching our kids about money is an important skill. However, sometimes it can be a tedious task to teach our kids when sometimes their attention span can be short or they aren’t finding simple counting of coins and bills to be fun.

Games centered around money are a fun way to teach our kids about money. My kids loved to play the classical games of Monopoly, The Game of Life, Pay Day and more. 

These games are perfect to help our kids learn about money and develop their math skills while having fun.

Here are some of the best games to teach kids about money!

Monopoly Junior Board Game brings the classical game to your kids. Introduce your kids to this game to learn counting and simple math of transactions. The kids will learn property and financial dealings while having fun.

The Game of Life Board Game is where the kids can make their own choices as they move through and twists and turns of life. The kids will experience choices related to family, career, and other milestones in the game.

Pay Day is a simple a quick game you can complete within 15 minutes. The winner of the game is who has the most money at the end. Kids will make deals on property, earn money, pay bills at the end of each month, and more.

Act Your Wage is a great game to teach your kids (ages 10 and up) real life money strategies that can be used. At the beginning of the game, players draw a life card with three debit cards. A dice will be rolled to move throughout the board and players will navigate to pay off their debt.

Money Bags is where kids can learn coin identification fast with this simple and fun game. Kids will learn counting and exchanging money with both coin and bills. Plus, the board is a fun dollar sign!

The Allowance Game is great for kids as young as 5. Kids will learn how to count money, adding and subtracting money while learning about different chores. Games take around 15 to 30 minutes. 

Exact Change Game is a card game that helps kids develop math skills and help grow their confidence with money. To win the game, kids will want to get rid of all their cards then you must try to get the other player’s hands and put their money in your bank. Once there is $2.00 in your bank, you win!

What games do you play to teach your kids about money?

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