Social Distancing Birthday Celebration Ideas for Kids

With everything going on in the world right now, it feels like every celebration is being put on hold. Birthdays are being postponed, weddings are being rescheduled, and milestone celebrations are being missed. It is harder than ever for family and friends to gather and celebrate birthdays and milestones.

This year my youngest son graduated from high school. He has had to miss many milestone celebrations that high school seniors do every year, including not walking across the stage to receive his diploma. We had to cancel his graduation party too.

Life has surely felt on hold with missing many of these milestones, but there are plenty of ways we can still acknowledge and celebrate these, especially birthdays.


If your child has a birthday while we are continuing to social distance then try one of these creative birthday celebration ideas!

Drive-By Birthday Parade

Ask family and friends to drive by your home waving and honking for your child’s birthday. Family and friends can make signs, blow bubbles, and with the special birthday girl or boy a happy birthday while keeping within social distance. They can even toss their birthday gifts onto the lawn. Your child will love the birthday parade and it’s sure to make them feel special too.

Host a Birthday Party Online

Family and friends can gather on a video conferencing site like Zoom or Google Hangout. Everyone can share their birthday wishes to your child, especially singing the Happy Birthday song. You can continue the celebration by playing games together too!

Make a Video

Get family and friends to send a video with birthday wishes to the birthday kid. Compile the videos together into a fun video for your child to watch, if not you can play them individually!

Make a Fancy Meal

You might not be able to go out to celebrate but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a fancy meal at home. Ask your kid what they would like for their birthday meal and serve it to them on their special day. You can decorate the table in a fun theme or dress up really fancy for a special occasion. Don’t forget to toast to the birthday girl or boy!

Decorate Your Home

Decorating your entire home for your child’s birthday can make the celebration special for them. Make postures and hang them all throughout your home. You can also hang up streamers, happy birthday banners, balloons, and other fun decorations. Choose a decorating theme too, maybe their favorite character from a TV Show or Movie.

Backyard Camping

Make their birthday special to remember while social distancing by camping out in the backyard or in the living room. You can pitch a tent in either place for it to still be an exciting adventure and memory your birthday child will remember forever. Don’t forget your camping gear, such as flashlights, sleeping bags, and any other items your child will want. Make sure you roast some s’mores too!

Movie Night

Celebrate your child’s birthday with a movie night. Let them choose one or more of their favorite movies to watch. Get some of their favorite snacks, pop some popcorn, and enjoy a movie night together.

Decorate the Front Yard

Decorate the front yard and let everyone know it’s your child’s birthday. This is a great idea to add to the drive-by birthday parade when family and friends come to wish your kid a happy birthday.

Make Something Special

Does your child have a favorite dessert or love cupcakes or cake on their birthday? Make it an extra special birthday by making it homemade. If you bake cupcakes or a cake, then let them help you decorate it or even help you bake it too!

Birthday Dance Party

Make a special playlist on Spotify with your kid’s favorite songs or dancing songs then host a dance party. Add some birthday songs in there too!

Chalk Birthday Wishes

Ask family and friends to decorate your sidewalk and driveway with chalk in honor of the birthday girl or boy. Family and friends can also write out special messages too.

Game Night

Pull out the birthday child’s favorite games to play and have a game night. You can even introduce them to some new games. Try different games, such as cards or board games.

Order Out

On your kid’s special day, let them choose the dinner menu for that night. Maybe they want to order from their favorite fast food, get pizza, or get take out from their favorite restaurant chain. This is also a great way to support your local restaurants too during this time!

Let Them Choose

Ask your birthday kid what they would like to do for their birthday. You might have to get creative with this one, but there are still so many ways you can still make it a special day!

How are you celebrating birthdays while social distancing?

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