Baby Items You Should and Shouldn’t Buy Used

When you first find out you are expecting a baby, the excitement is overwhelming until you start thinking about all the expenses that your first child or the newest addition to the family will cost. 

There is an endless list of new baby items. Who can resist the cute clothes or the latest and greatest toy? There is also the endless list of must-buy items for your baby too.

If you are expecting a baby and worried about your bank account, there are many ways that you can cut back on the expenses. Many parents choose to shop at consignment stores, accept secondhand items, or shop on local Facebook groups. 

As much as it is tempting to purchase used items for your baby’s to save your money, is it always the best and safest option?

Some used baby product items can be a safety hazard to your baby, but there are also items you can buy used safely. Here are the baby items you can buy secondhand without worrying about the safety of your baby.

Baby Items You Can Buy Used


Buying used clothing is one of the best ways to save money when you have a new baby. Babies quickly grow and usually don’t stay in the same size of clothing for more than a month or two. While it is tempting to buy the newest and cutest clothing for your newborn, you may want to consider buying used baby clothes instead.


Toys are another baby item you can get as second hand. Just like clothing, new toys can be pricy and your baby will likely outgrow their toy items too. When you get a secondhand toy make sure it is safe by checking there is no chipped paint or loose pieces.

High Chair

A highchair can be bought secondhand if it has all the right pieces still. Make sure it has a crotch post, safety restraint with a five-point harness and wheels that lock in place. Double-check it meets current safety standards too.

Swing or Rocker

Baby gear like swings and rockers can be very expensive. Chances are you wouldn’t really know if this baby gear item will more for you. For some babies, it can be a lifesaver for moms while for other moms it will just be an expensive baby gear time that your baby never wants to be in.

Things like baby swings and rockers can be bought secondhand on local Facebook swap and sell groups. Find one on groups like this and you just might find one in good condition. Maybe your mom friends have one they can loan to you as well.

Changing Table

Lots of moms love these and lots of moms never used them. Since changing tables can be pretty pricy you will want to look for a used one instead.

Baby Monitor

A brand new baby monitor can be very, very expensive. You will be spending well over $100 for one that works on Wi-Fi, video monitors, and even tracks your baby’s movements. Check with your mom friends, local consignment stores, and online groups to see if you can get your hands on a used one. It will be way cheaper to find a used one than a brand new baby monitor.

Baby Bathtub

You can save yourself about $30 to $40 if you buy a used baby bathtub. Make sure when you get a used baby bathtub you wash it down and disinfect it before giving your baby a bath in it.


Investing in a used stroller is actually going to save you tons of money that you can use for other important baby items you should buy new. As long as it follows the current standards of safety it’s okay to invest in a used stroller. 

Baby Items You Shouldn’t Buy Used

buy used baby items

Breast Pump

Breast pumps are an invaluable purchase for mothers who are nursing and thinking about going back to work or just want to breastfeed their new baby only. 

These can be very expensive to purchase, which makes it tempting to purchase a used one. However, the interior parts of the pump are where bacteria and mold grow. This can then very dangerous for your baby. Buy a new breast pump so you don’t have to worry about endangering your baby with your breast milk if you pump it, and you will be at ease knowing all the parts are working properly when you purchase a new one.

Car Seats

Car seats are constantly changing and evolving. The standards of car seats last year might not be the same the next year. Buying a new car seat is definitely the money you want to spend on when it comes to purchasing items for your baby.


Just like car seats, the safety standards of cribs also change over time. A used crib you might find that there are some damaging or missing parts that the person selling you the crib wasn’t aware of. If you are worried about spending money on a crib, consider a mini crib that will take up less space and help you save money. Co-sleeping is also another option to consider.

Infant Carrier

An infant carrier can be a lifesaver for you and your new baby. In the first few weeks, you’ll be carrying your baby around more than you ever thought. These also become very handy if you have other children that need your time and attention or have things that need to get done around the house.

However, purchasing a used infant carrier is something you should not do since these are often recalled. If you are purchasing a new or used one then you want to make sure the straps and closures are working correctly and that the used carrier has not been recalled.

Bottles and Pacifiers

The materials made in bottles and pacifiers over time can lose their integrity due to exposure and wear and tear.

Rubber pieces of the pacifier may be too worn and detach from the plastic base in your baby’s mouth. This then becomes a choking hazard for your baby. Even manufacturers who make baby bottles recommend you replace the bottle nipples every 3-4 months becomes of wear and tear.

These baby items are the least expensive, so you should definitely purchase them brand new!

What items did you buy used for your baby?

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