5 Surprising Things Your Dryer Can Do

Did you know your dryer can do more than just drying your clothing?

Over the years, I have discovered some new tips and tricks when it comes to using my dryer. I was surprised by how useful some of these features were on my dryer. Some of these features I wish I had known way sooner!

If you are just using the bare minimum of your dryer’s features, then it is time to learn more about these other useful tips and tricks. You might not be able to return all your socks, but these 5 surprisingly things your dryer can do might just make your life a little bit easier.  

1. Skip the Ironing

Dryers today come with any different settings that can help you eliminate the task of ironing your clothing. The permanent-press setting is perhaps a setting you have never used before when drying your clothes. This setting is a wrinkle-reducing and can often be gentler on clothes. Use this setting if you want to skip the task of ironing clothes!

2. Help Converse Energy

If you are looking for a new dryer, you can be sure there are some dryers out there that are eco-friendly. Several dryer models have been released that can help you use 40% less energy than standard dryer models. These are a great choice if you are wanting a new dryer that is friendly for the environment and helps you save money at the same time.

3. Killing Bugs & Germs

Thankfully, dryers come with a handy dandy sanitizing cycle. The sanitizing setting on your dryer will use a high temperature that will help kill bacteria, lice, bedbugs, and any other unwanted bugs and germs. This is perfect to help keep any sickness from your house spreading by washing a family member’s clothing or bedding in here. You can also sanitize many other items in your home too with this cycle setting on your dryer.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you run the dryer on this setting for at least 30 minutes on high heat.

4. Refresh Your Down Comforter

Overtime your down comforter might feel like it has become flattened and even lifeless. You can easily restore its fluffiness. Put your down comforter in the dryer with a few tennis balls. Use a low heat setting or no heat cycle.

5. Bult-In Sensors

Many new dryers come with built-in sensors that monitor the conditions inside your dryer, such as the exhaust vent. If it senses, there is a blockage or clog in the vent than a trigger error message or alarm will inform you to clean it out before using it again.

This feature is great because it may be able to help prevent a fire from happening from your dryer.

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