12 Clever Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen

Kitchen organization can make all the difference between a messy kitchen and a kitchen you will love.

You do not need a major overhaul to get rid of clutter and increase storage in your kitchen.

These items will help you get right back on track or even give you some new organization ideas!

Stack shelves to make most of the room you have in the cabinets. You can stack dishes like plates, bowls, and cups. You can also stack other items, such as pantry essentials.

Use small adhesive hooks to hang tools on the back of the cabinet door. You can even hang those hard to store measuring cups you have.

Corral smaller items into cute displays. Clear through containers are perfect to store more in your cabinets and see inside of them. I love these Airtight Food Storage Containers from Amazon!

Install a slide-out shelving that help you store heavy pots and pans. This pull out cabinet organizer from Amazon is perfect. It is heavy-duty and the basket is detachable for easy move.

Using a small armoire from another room adds space and decor.

Keep the freezer in order by storing everything in bags and sorting items by type in labeled crates.

Do you store cleaning supplies under your kitchen sink? Keep all of your cleaning supplies for a quick clean up by hanging a rack on the inside of a cupboard under the sink.

Keep a junk drawer that can keep “junk” from ending up elsewhere by using adjustable dividers and containers to keep everything organized. 

Add a hanging shelf to your kitchen island for easy to reach storage for spices, utensils, and more. You can even add these near your stovetop and oven too!

Save counter space by hanging fruit or veggies. Also a great idea if you need some kitchen decor ideas! Try this wall basket from Amazon. I love the cute chalkboard labels that come with the baskets!

Use dividers to organize silverware and utensil drawers. This Silverware Drawer Organizer from Amazon has a wide variety of compartments to fit all sizes of utensils. Store utensils such as spoons, forks, knives, tongs, can openers, and more!

Use a rack organizer to store cooking trays, cutting boards, and other bakeware items.

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