The Ultimate College Move-In Day Essentials

College move-in day is just around the corner for my youngest kid. I cannot believe he is finally going to college! After all these years, I have discovered the best way to be prepared for moving my kids into their new place for college is preparing.

When it comes to move-in day, every college will have their own guidelines you should follow. There might be some things there to help you move-in such as carts or upperclassmen. Take a look ahead to see what you will need for move-in day, such as where you need to park, what time you need to arrive, and what your college student will need for their dorm room.

After all these past years of helping my kids move into their college dorm room, these are the essential move-in day items you will need!

IKEA Storage Bag

Recently I discovered that IKEA Storage Bags are the SECRET for any move in. These storage bags are lightweight and durable. You can easily pack everything in these bags and use them as under-bed storage. I love these ones from Amazon because you can use them to carry things on your back or in hand. This makes a great laundry bag.

Surge Protector

Searching for an outlet while moving in to charge phones or other devices can be a hassle. Use a Surge Protector to stop worrying less about finding all the outlets. Plus these are great to leave for your college kids so they can plug all their devices into one place. This Surge Protector has 12 plugs and several fast USB charging ports with a six-foot extension cord.


A toolkit will come in handy if you are needing to build or set up anything. This is also useful for your college student to keep around if they need to fix anything. This toolkit from Amazon comes in several colors, such as blue, orange, red, and pink.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kits are a must when it comes to the essential items your college kid needs. You can make your own with your family’s preferences, but if you want first aid kit that has it all then get this one from Amazon. It has everything!

First Aid Kit

When moving your college student in, the rooms might be hot since it’s still summer. Bring a fan to keep the room cool while you bring everything in and set it up. This fan from Amazon is convenient, inexpensive, and comes with 3-speed settings.

Command Strips

Command strips with hooks are great for hanging things on the wall. They are also great because they peel off easily without ruining the walls, so when your college kid moves out it won’t leave a mark!

Trash Bags

Trash Bags are something you might need a lot of. You are going to want them to throw away the packaging for all of the new items you bought. You will want large and durable ones. Don’t use regular size trash bags.

Stackable Storage Bins

Stackable Storage Bins are another great option to use to pack your items in. They can be used to hold clothing, shoes, purses, and other items. These are also great because they are clear and stackable!

Pulling Cart

A Pulling Cart is extremely helpful for getting those big items to where they need to go! These are great if the move-in carts the college offers are being used. I love this pulling cart because it folds up easily so you will have no trouble bringing it with you and storing it.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies is a must. When you arrive at the dorm room you might find it has been collecting dust for months now.

Get some cleaning wipes to disinfect the furniture and surfaces. Clorox wipes are great for this.

You might also need cleaning supplies to clean the tub and toilet if your college kid is moving into a suite. Use Scrubbing Bubbles to disinfect your bathroom!

Swifter Dusters are great for quickly dusting surfaces rather than trying to sweep it away with a paper towel or something else.

Paper and Pen/Sharpie

You might need to keep a pen and paper handy in case you need to fill out forms or take notes. A sharpie is also great for writing names on items or boxes. 

Refillable Water Bottle & Snacks

A refillable water bottle is perfect to keep on hand while you move in. You might also want to bring some snacks to help you get through the move too. Why not leave your college kid with some snacks too? This snack care package has everything you would ever want!

Change of Clothing

While moving everything you may want to bring an extra change of clothing for everyone, especially if move-in day is a very hot day. Even if you bring an extra t-shirt.

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