Social Distancing Summer Jobs Teens Can Do From Home

The quarantine lockdown has been long and hard on everyone. Now with many states reopening up and summer in full swing, many are eager to get out and make most of their summer after being cooped up so long. Teens are especially excited to make the most of their summer, but there are still restrictions and social distancing protocols to still follow.

Your teen doesn’t have to keep cooped up all summer though. There are many summer jobs that your teen can do this summer at home or while social distancing. Here are some summer jobs your teens can do.

Pet Sitting and Walking

Many people are going to be heading out this summer for vacations and looking for someone to look after their pets while they are gone or to simply walk their pets. If your teen loves animals, this is a great and easy summer job. The best way to get in business is to ask friends and families if they have any summer travel plans or know anybody that is looking for someone. Your teens can even put up fliers or make a post on Facebook.

Virtual Tutoring

Virtual tours are becoming a huge hit during the pandemic. There are many subjects people are looking to learn about, making this the perfect summer job while social distancing for your teens. If your teen is passionate about a subject and wants to teach others, then have them head over to Wyzant. This website matches tutors with students.

Camp Counselors

While many camps have canceled their plans this summer, there are still many camps out there opened and looking for counselors. To find the perfect camp for your teen to work at check out American Camp Associations Career Center finder.


If your teen is craving the outdoors during the summer but needs to keep their distance then look no further than landscaping summer jobs. Teens can get jobs mowing lawns, gardening, and seasonal landscaping. Check with your neighbors if they need some help this summer or try a local landscaping company if they have any seasonal positions opened.


Many parents use day camps to keep their kids occupied while they are at work, but since many of them are closed this summer parents will be looking for babysitters. Parents who are still working from home might also be looking for someone to babysit their kids to get some work done. Teens who are wanting to babysit this year can use websites like Care and Sittercity to connect to parents looking for babysitters during the summer.

Traditional Summer Jobs

Many places are reopening their doors, especially recreational activities like jobs and swimming pools. This is a great opportunity for kids to work as cadies for golf courses, lifeguards for swimming pools, and other summer jobs at beach towns.

Online Stores

With all that extra time we had during lockdowns, did your teen learn a new skill such as painting, baking, or making jewelry? Your teen can sell their creations online on Etsy or even Instagram to sell their work. If interested, your teen can take commissions.

Are your teens getting jobs this summer? What summer jobs are they getting?

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