Last Minute College Packing Items You Don’t Want to Forget

Move-in day for your college kid is only days away. You’re checking the college packing list twice, making sure you didn’t miss any items they will need.

There are piles in the hallway, taking up every inch of their bedroom, and maybe some other places too throughout the house. It looks like you have checked off everything on their packing list. But before you load up the car you want to make sure you both didn’t leave something behind.

Forgetting something at home may mean not having it at college until your kid comes back home for a visit. Make sure you get these last-minute college packing items because you don’t want to forget one of these!

Business Professional Clothes

Now that your college kid is off on their own, you might never know when they may need a pair of business clothing. These are great when they need them for a job interview, career fairs, or organizations that require professional clothing.

Extra Phone Charger

It’s easy to lose a phone charger. My family is always misplacing theirs or taking someone else’s. Be sure to bring an extra phone charger if your college kid’s breaks or shorts out.


Agendas and planners are a great way to keep track of different events of the week and assignments coming up. Your college student can really benefit from learning how to use one of these and know what is coming ahead with their college courses.

Plastic Food Storage Containers

A lot more colleges are going to be preparing to grab and go options for dining hall meals, which means your college kids are going to need some food storage containers.  These plastic food containers with lids are great for many different foods. 


Board games are a great thing to bring, especially if your kid is meant to stay in their dorm rooms. Catan was one of my college kid’s favorite games they discovered at college. Other games your kids can bring are card games, board games, frisbee, video games, and more.

Packable Rain Coat

You never know when it might rain. Sending your kid off to college with a packable raincoat will be great for those unexpected rainy days they need to walk across campus to their classes. 

Extra Set of Sheets

Going to college with one set of sheets is something you don’t want to do. Make sure to pack an extra set of sheets so you will always have clean sheets on hand in case. 

Air Purifier

Dorm rooms can stuffy and stale. If they are not regularly clean then you should consider getting an air purifier. This one from Amazon comes with a HEPA filter that filters out dust, pollen, mold spores, and pet dander. The air purifier is quiet and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Shout Color Catcher Dryer Sheets

Sending my kids off to college started to scare me, especially when it came to doing their own laundry. I taught my kids how to do laundry, but would they remember? These Shout Color Catcher Dye-Trapping Sheets are perfect as your kids will never have to worry about a t-shirt making stains on their white clothing and turning it pink.


Out of town trips, such as going with friends, coming home for holiday breaks, or organization trips, might happen often. Making sure your kid is prepared by bringing their own luggage will make these trips easier to pack for short stays away from their college dorms. 


Many different items will require batteries that your college kid will use, such as their TV remote or calculator. Prepare your kid with a package of batteries that they can have on hand when the batteries die on their calculator on a night they need to focus and study.

Swimsuit & Beach Towel

Bringing a swimsuit and beach towel is probably the last thing on your kid’s packing list. Depending where your college kid goes, they might be spending some days swimming. Don’t forget to bring a beach towel too!

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