4 Must Know Drive-In Movie Hacks

Summer has officially been here for a month now. It’s been a strange one so far with restrictions still in place and many of the summer activities we do every year during this time have been put on hold. This wasn’t the summer I had in mind for my family, but it’s been fun trying to think of some creative things to do to still have an exciting summer.

Finding affordable things to do with your family this summer seems hard, especially trying to keep everyone safe and sound. Thankfully, there are still some things we can do this summer while keeping safe!

The movie theatres might be closed or limited this summer, but you should consider going to a drive-in movie theater while the weather is nice. Drive-in movies are a fun and affordable family activity everyone can enjoy this summer.

Take a look at DriveInMovie.com to find a drive-in movie theatre near you and take advantage of this fun family summer activity. Make sure you read the latest news about the COVID-19 restrictions regarding drive-in movie theaters. There likely might be some rules you need to follow while at the drive-in.

Here are 4 drive-in movie hacks you will want to know before you go!

1. Get There Early

Drive-in movies are becoming a lot more popular, especially this summer. Try to get there early so you can snag a good parking spot. Get one close to the exit so you can avoid the traffic after the movie is over.

2. Pack Your Own Food

If you are wanting to save some money skip the snack bar and bring your own food to the drive-in movie.

Make sure you check with your drive-in movie to see if they allow outside food before bringing some. Some snack bars might also be closed due to social distancing and restrictions, so plan ahead before you arrive for the movie.

Bring cash just in case if you do plan on purchasing snacks from the drive-in’s snack bar. Who doesn’t love fresh popcorn with their movie?

3. Get Comfy

Make the experience better by wearing some comfy clothes when you go to the drive-in. The weather might be hot during the day, but things might get a bit colder at night. Be sure to bring some blankets too if you want to bundle up.

Pack some chairs if you don’t plan on sitting in the car the entire movie. It can get pretty hot in there if it’s a really warm day!

4. Bring a Radio

Bring a portable radio with extra batteries so you can stream the movie’s audio through the radio. Using your car radio, the entire time might drain your car’s battery. No one wants to deal with that dreaded clicking noise and a dead battery after the movie is over.

What are your go-to drive-in movie hacks? Share them with us below in the comments!

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