15 Clever Uses for a Hair Dryer You Never Thought Of

Did you know you could use your hairdryer for more than just drying and styling your hair?

That hairdryer you use all the time in your bathroom can do just more than what you bought it for. It can help you tackle sticky messes like removing stickers and labels from items, clean up around the house like dusting, helping you around in the kitchen, and so much more!

Here are 15 clever uses for a hairdryer you likely never thought of.

1. Removing Stickers and Label

You can use a hairdryer to help remove labels, bumper stickers, contact paper, and other papers with an adhesive side. The heat from the hairdryer will help loosen up the adhesive side and make it easy to remove.

2. Wax Off

Did you accidentally spill candle wax? Use your hairdryer to remove the candle wax by blowing medium heat on the wax until it starts to melt. Then wipe it off with a cloth.

You can also use this to remove wax from candlesticks and other candle holders.

3. Glossing the Frosting

Give your homemade baked good with frosting a professional gloss. Blow the hairdryer on the frosting with low heat until it starts to look shiny then allow the frosting to cool.

4. Dry Clothing

You can quickly dry small pieces of clothing with your hairdryer. Perfect if you spill water on your clothes or you want to wear that shirt in the dryer that isn’t fully dried yet.

5. Remove Crayon Marks

Do you have crayon marks on your walls or a surface? Crayons are made of wax so you can use your hairdryer to easily remove the crayon marks.

6. Dust Away

Use your hairdryer on a cool setting to dust your home much faster. Blow the dust off your items and surfaces then vacuum up the dust off the floor. This is perfect to get into the nooks and crannies of your home. You can use this tricks for artwork, bookshelves, lamps, and even computers

7. Make Tight Shoes Fit

If a pair of your shoes are too tight just put on the shoes, then point your hairdryer at the shoes for a couple of minutes. It will help stretch out your shoes.

8. Dry Painted Nails

Sometimes it can be hard to patiently wait for our nails to be dried. A quick way to speed up the drying time is blow-drying them with your hairdryer. Use low heat setting to dry your nails.

9. Get Rid of the Wrinkles

Spray your clothing with light water and use your hairdryer at the wrinkles to helper remove them. I use this hair dryer trick all the time!

10. Soften Butter

Do you need to soften butter for your next recipe but forget to take it out? Use your hairdryer to help soften up cold better quickly.

11. Your New Pet Tool

When it’s raining or snowing, and your pet comes back from being outside their paws and fur coat might be wet. Help them dry off and war up by using your hairdryer to dry your pet’s fur and paws. Use a low heat setting.

12. Frozen Pipes

Use your hairdryer to help thaw out any frozen pipes.

13. Dry Toiletries

Do you need to pack for your trip, but your toiletries are wet? Use a hairdryer to dry out your toiletries, such as toothbrush, loofah, and other damp items.

14. Steam Off a Mirror

Dry the steam off the mirror quickly by using your hairdryer after a hot shower. Use a hot setting to get rid of the steam without any trouble.

15. Defrost Food

The freezer can sometimes be annoying when things are frozen and stick inside. Use your hairdryer to unstick meat that gets stuck together in the freezer. You can also use it to melt ice that keeps packages of food items frozen inside, such as bags of frozen fruit or vegetables.

Do you use your hairdryer for anything else than blow-drying your hair? Share your tip or trick with us in the comments!

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