The Cheapest Days to Buy Things

Finding new ways to save money is always exciting for me. I always thought that saving money was complex and took a lot of time. I used to spend hours clipping away coupons and scheduling my shopping around to use those coupons to save money. Then I realized that clipping coupons and planning out my shopping took a lot more of my time than it was worth with what I was saving.

Along the way of learning new ways to save money can be simple, I discovered that certain times things are a lot cheaper. You probably have noticed this yourself too, such as with purchasing airplane tickets, eating out, and shopping online. Every year there are certain things that are a lot cheaper, but there are also certain days of the week that things are cheaper too.

Here are the cheapest days you can buy things.

Filling Your Car with Gas

Early Monday mornings can be tough since it is the beginning of the week. However, Monday mornings are often the cheapest time for gas prices. Gas prices rise towards the end of the week, so make sure you never fill up your gas tank on a Friday. The earlier in the week you fill-up the more you are likely to save.

Buying a Home

Tuesday is often considered the best time to buy home. Homeowners who are trying to sell their homes or property sometimes worry about a lack of offers during the weekend. Monday is also consider a good day to buy a home too since sellers are less likely to get the best offers early in the week.

Eating Out

Tuesday is one of the cheapest days to go out for a meal. Several restaurant chains often offer free kids meal deals on Tuesday nights. Some restaurant chains that offer these are Denny’s, Applebee’s, TGI Friday, and Chick-fil-A.


Airplane tickets can often be pricy depending on the day you book your flight. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are typically the cheapest days to fly. Plan your flights ahead and you can save around $73 compared to other expensive flying days.

Booking a Hotel

Booking a hotel for your next vacation should happen on a Friday or Saturday. The prices of booking a hotel room usually decrease the closer it gets to the weekend. Fewer people are booking their hotel rooms during the weekend. The most expensive day to book a hotel room is on a Tuesday.

Staying in a Hotel

The cheapest day to check-in a hotel is a Sunday. Friday is the most expensive day. The most expensive time to check-out of a hotel is on the weekend.

Buying Beauty Products

Are you running low on beauty products? Restock your beauty supplies on a Monday. You can save up to 11% compared to expensive days like Sunday.

Shopping for Groceries

The best deals you can find at a grocery store are Wednesdays and Thursdays. These days are also great to go shopping because they are less packed during the middle of the week, unlike the weekend.

Buying a Car

The cheapest day to buy a car is actually on a Monday! You can save 8% compared to 7.5% on a Sunday.

Going to the Mall

Are you looking for the best day to shop at the mall? The weekend is the best time to shop and get some good deals. Department stores usually have their special sales over the weekends when they know most people will be visiting the mall.

Seeing a Movie

The slowest days for movie theaters are Tuesdays. Many theaters offer special days on Tuesdays. Often movie theaters offer special admissions and discounts on their snack bar. See if your local movie theaters offer any deals during the week.

Going to Disney World

If you are planning a trip to Disney, you will want to consider this money-saving tip. Try to plan your trip to Disney for a weekday. A one-day weekday or Sunday pass will cost you less than a Saturday pass.

Buying Electronics  

Monday is often the day that manufacturers sell items with rebates and discounts. Some of these items are cell phones, laptops, video games, and televisions. if you are thinking about purchasing a laptop then try doing it on a Monday!

Are there certain days of the week you purchase things?

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