Me-Time: How Do I Find It?

I’m always hearing and reading comments about how motherhood is hard. It is a struggle. It is exhausting. Along with so many expectations and responsibilities that we are facing daily.

Like many of you, I am juggling the day to day life. Often, I am struggling to find me-time like you!

But how do we balance it all? How do we show up as the best version of ourselves? It’s hard when we are juggling so much and struggling to hold it all together.

One thing I have learned along this motherhood journey is the importance of that me-time. I needed to take time for myself. I needed to make it a top priority even when it felt selfish. Sometimes it felt like I wasn’t placing the right priority on things, but I knew I couldn’t show up and be the best version of myself and care for my family if I didn’t take care of myself first.

Here are four ways to help you take care of yourself so you can be the best version of yourself, have me-time, and still be the amazing mom you are!

1. Self-Care

Set time aside for yourself. Make sure it’s a specific amount of time for you daily. If you need to make time for self-care then do it. Maybe you need to get up an hour earlier than normal, during when you put your little ones down for a nap, or after your kids go to bed.

Making time for yourself is important. I know it is hard with everything else you are juggling with. It might feel painful to take time for yourself when you have a million other things on your mind, but taking the time to focus on yourself will help you feel good, be stress-free, and you will be thankful that you did this for yourself!

Do anything that is for YOU during this time! Maybe it’s working out, writing in your journal, a hobby of yours, time with God, or reading. Whatever it is that fills you back up to help you reenergized to be the best you!

2. Plan Your Days

If you know what is for dinner and what you need to accomplish for the day, then you are ready to take on the day. By doing this you are going to feel like you have some control over the demands and responsibilities you have to do.

When you start planning your day and checking off those 3-5 tasks you need to complete that day then you are going to feel so much better about the chaos in your motherhood journey. I promise you that planning your day will help you so much.

3. Don’t Assume Just Communicate

If you don’t ask for help, then no one is going to know you need help. Your spouse or children can’t assume you need help if you aren’t communicating that you need their help. So, if you are feeling that you aren’t getting the support and the help that you need then you need to talk about it.

Share with your spouse and family members that you need support and help with sharing the demands and responsibilities. It will help you to not feel so frustrated, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Instead, you are going to be able to show up and be the best you.

Explain your feelings to your family and let them know. Talk to them about how helping you will make you feel less overwhelmed and exhausted from all the responsibilities.

4. Mom Me-Time

We all need time with our mom-tribe. Sometimes it might be hard to connect with our mom-tribe because we all have busy lives. But we must place priority on our mom me-time with our mom-tribes!

Make a plan to set time aside for weekly or every other week with your mom friends. Maybe you go out for coffee or a walk if the weather is nice. Set up playdates with your kids. If you can’t leave the house why not text them, call, or even do a video call.

How do you make time for yourself?

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