How to Make a Playroom 101: 7 Best Tips from Moms Who’ve Done it Right

One room that both the kids and parents can appreciate is the playroom. Children can be in there for hours without bothering either mom or dad. The great thing is that playrooms can be a simple and fun project! With a little time and effort, you will wish you had that type of room when you were younger!

Find a Theme

The first thing to do when modeling your playroom is choosing a theme. Depending on how many kids you have and how old they are, it is best to stick with a basic color scheme. This way, as they get older or their interests change, it will be easier to adapt to that. Once you pick a color, you can pick out some carpet and simple decorations. If your kids are interested in certain superheroes, movies or characters, feel free to hang some posters up. They are not super expensive and easy to put up and down.

Storage Area

One thing you can expect to have a lot of in the playroom are toys. Trucks, stuffed animals, dolls, blocks, and about anything you can think of will be a complete overload and scattered throughout the room. A way to fix this? Prioritize by having enough storage space to fit everything! You can put in cabinets or have bins and drawers that make it easy to clean up. If you are feeling crafty, try labeling everything, so your kids start to recognize the importance of the organization!

Statement Couch

Whether it has been 20 minutes or 5 hours of keeping busy in your playroom, you and your kids are bound to get tired at some point. Having a couch to crash on will make it feel very convenient and a lot more tempting for your kids to take a nap or rest when it is right in front of them. It can also serve as a new place to play other than the floor or small chair.

Find a comfortable couch to match the room, and make sure it can fit you AND your kids. Investing in a small sofa is cute and very appealing at first, but it is impractical considering you will not be able to join in with your kids on the couch. You also have no use for it once they have outgrown it, which may seem sooner than you think. There is nothing like sitting back and relaxing on a cozy seat while watching the kids or having the option for them to come on up as well.

Include a Craft Table

Crafts can be risky with children, but if you include a small table designated for them, it is a lot easier to maintain. Nobody wants to be picking up little bits of paper or glitter all over the ground, but by having a table and teaching your kids its specific use, they will learn to keep the mess right in front of them. It is also very appropriate because you can keep the kitchen table for its primary purpose and not a station for glue, ribbons, etc. Plus, if you ever want to do some do-it-yourself projects, you will already have the space and accessories to do so!

Fill With Books

As much time as toys can occupy kids, it is still important to emphasize reading and learning. If the books are easy within easy access, it is more likely they will pick it up to read. If you want a little break yourself, you could even sit in the playroom with them as everyone reads. Try not limiting the books to fun adventures or fairy tales but also incorporating some learning activity books. This will keep their brain stimulated, and during the summer, they will be able to learn some new facts! 

Display Their Artwork

Displaying your little one’s art pieces is a beautiful way to brighten up and personalize the walls as well as keeping their precious projects in view all the time! It is lovely to see the progress and cute, memorable works they created with their imagination. You can frame them and hang them on the wall or stretch a string across the room and use wooden hangers to clip them to the string.

Designate a Dress-Up Corner

Changing out clothes for putting on a fashion show or play can get extremely messy very quickly. By designating a corner of a room where all dress-up items are kept and neatly tucked away, the kids will adapt and associate the clothes to the corner. Not only can this be a cute way to show off fluffy boas or pirate hats, but it will also make it easier to clean up if you organize it using categories and bins. 


No matter who you are, every kid would do anything for a playroom filled with their favorite things. Making a playroom can be as simple as adding a cabinet filled with coloring books and toys in an extra pocket of space in the house or a complete extra room filled with a couch and television. Regardless of how much space you have, you can make any playroom a dream come true with some simple steps. Try these tips out, and you may end up being in the room more than your kids!

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