15 Mom Uses for Your Cell Phone

Several years ago, I discovered that I could be more organized while traveling and in my day to day activities by using my cell phone’s camera not to only just capture those memories.

There are so many times that taking a picture of something has become handy. If you have ever lost a luggage or aren’t sure what the brand was and needed to give detailed information to recover it. Simply taking a picture before you travel can help you save all the trouble. Maybe one time you forget exactly what your rental care looked like, especially if your rental car is the same colored cars out in the parking lot. Maybe there is a clothing or accessory item you are needing but don’t know exactly if this item you are thinking about might go well with it.

I got some ideas on how you can allow your cell phone camera to store that much-needed information and allowing you to quickly access it when needed so you can be a more organized mom. Here are Mom Uses for Your Cell Phone!

1. Travel Confirmations

Take pictures of all your travel confirmations to quickly access them when you are traveling. You won’t be scrolling through emails upon emails to find your travel confirmations for your airplane tickets, hotels, rental cars, and more. You can even create a quick document and snap a picture of it.

2. Family Pictures

Before you head off into a crowded place with your family, such as an amusement park or venue, quickly snap a picture of your family together. This is great in case you lose a family member, especially if you have small kids. You now have a picture of that missing person with what exactly they are wearing that day and can show the staff and security to help locate your missing family member.

3. Home Decorating

Are you currently redecorating or thinking about adding some new home décor? Use your home to help you with home decorating. Take a picture of that space, colors you are using, decorations that are within the room then refer back to the picture when you are out shopping to see if something you’d like would actually go together with that décor piece you are thinking about purchasing.

4. Beauty Products

Do you sometimes forget what beauty product color or name you are looking for but know you need to restock on it? Snap a picture of the beauty product you need to restock up on to quickly find it when you go to the store.

5. Holiday Décor

If you decorate for the holidays, especially like Christmas, why not take pictures to remember where everything goes? I love doing this with my Christmas Village Houses collection. It helps me set up everything quickly and easily, especially since I have several shelves filled during the holiday season.

6. Parking Lots

Sometimes it’s easy to forget where you parked. You can quickly snap a picture where you parked to remember. I love using this when I have rented a car because I don’t always remember the exact car I am renting, especially if there are other white or red cars in the parking lot. This idea is also great for areas you aren’t familiar with or has a lot of parking, like parking garages where you can just snap a picture of the parking garage floor level.

7. Clothing Needs

When you go shopping sometimes it can be hard to remember exactly if something you are needing to buy matches a shirt, pants, or another accessory. Instead of trying to remember, take pictures of your clothing so you can compare and decide if that shirt, pants, jacket, or jewelry is exactly what you are looking for. Take pictures of things you are trying to shop for to help you remember what it looks like.

8. Driver’s License

In case your driver’s license is lost when you are traveling, it is always a good idea to take a picture of it. You then have it right there on your phone to show when you need it for identification.

9. Passport

Take a picture of your passport, but also each of your family member’s passports too. This is great for when you are traveling and need for identification purposes in case you have lost your passport.

10. Credit Card Information

Take all of your cards out of your wallet and take pictures of them. My family and I do this when we are traveling so we can contact the credit card companies and report any lost or stolen credit cards. 

11. Recipes

Is there a recipe you see in a magazine and want to try it out sometime in the future? You can quickly snap a photo of it with your cell phone. Now you have the recipe right on hand. You can later write it out and add it to your recipe collection.

12. Advertisements

I sometimes come across advertisements, whether it’s a product I want to buy or an event, and I snap a picture of it. This is great to remember a certain product I want to buy. For an event, it helps me have all the information right within my phone. Instead of writing it all down, just snap a picture of it!

13. Prescriptions

How many do we run out of our prescriptions? We forget to write down the number of it or what the name of the prescription is. Then you call the pharmacy and they ask you for the prescription number, but you cannot remember it! Take a picture of your prescription so you then have it right on hand in your phone. It’s also helpful for new doctors and you can let them know what prescriptions you are taking currently.

14. Shopping List

Do you sometimes forget your shopping list at home? I sometimes leave it on the counter occasionally. I also have a whiteboard that my family writes on when they need something, or we are running low on an item they then write it on the whiteboard. I sometimes forget to write down what is on the whiteboard to my shopping list.

If this sounds like something you do often, you can always call someone who might be at home to quickly snap a photo of the shopping list or whiteboard to you. You can also snap a picture of your shopping list in case you lose it or forget it in the car while shopping in the stores.

15. Replacement Items

How many times do you need to go purchase light bulbs, printer ink, or other replacements items that you need to know the information on them or what size they are? If you need that information you can quickly take a picture of it instead of writing it down or bringing the item with you to the store. Then when you get to the store you know exactly what you are looking for instead of guessing.

Using our cellphone cameras helps us be more organized as moms. I’d love to hear what pictures you take with your cell phones to simplify your life. Let me know in the comments below!

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