12 Must Know Kitchen Tips

I have always believed that saving time in the kitchen is a MUST for us moms. I love anything that makes the time I spend in the kitchen easier and more efficient. I bet you do as well, moms!

Many years ago, when I first started to cook family meals for my growing family, I was always feeling like a full-time chef. I dreamt of finding ways to simplify my time in the kitchen.

Today I want to share some of my favorite ways to save time in the kitchen. Whether it’s cleaning, preparing, or shopping for groceries. These tips I have used over the years countless times or recently discovered.

Here are 12 must-know kitchen tips to help you save time in the kitchen!

1. Kitchen Shears

In my kitchen, I have a narrow drawer full of kitchen shears. I consider these a mom’s best friend in the kitchen. These can be used for so many different things! From cutting up meat, bacon, sandwiches, pancakes, green beans, and your pizza into bite-sizes. Start using kitchen shears rather than a knife and see if it helps simplify your life by making it quicker and faster.

2. No More Scrubbing Pots and Pans

It sounds impossible, right? But you can actually do it. Just add a little vinegar to some water and put it back on the stove. Boil the vinegar and water mixture. The stuck food will then easily be removed once you dump the water and vinegar mixture out.

3. Cleaning Sponges

Do you always find that your sponges start to have a weird smell or feel a little grimy? You then just toss them out and get new ones. Now you don’t have to anymore.

To keep your sponges clean and smelling fresh, you want to place them in your dishwasher in the silverware compartment or on the top rack. Then run your dishwasher and your sponges will get cleaned and sanitized.

4. Fry Free Bacon

Many years ago, I was at a pampered chef party and learned this trick without frying bacon in a pan. All you do is get a jelly roll or cookie sheets that have an edge around them. Place your bacon strips on the cookie sheet. For a mess-free, I like to lay parchment paper first and then lay the bacon strips on the sheet. I will then put the oven at 375 degrees and then cook the bacon until my liking.

5. Perfect Pancakes

Use your blender to mix your pancake mix. For some reason, this way always makes it feel like my pancakes are fluffier. Try it and let me know if this works for you too!

6. Slicing Olives

Slicing olives can be tedious sometimes. If you need to slice your olives use an egg slicer. You can also slice more than one olive at a time!

7. Keeping Your Ice Cream Fresh

Do you ever open up your ice cream container only to find it covered in freezer burn? If this happens to you then here’s how you can prevent that.

First, scoop out all over the freezer-burned ice cream. The ice cream underneath should still be good to eat. Then get a piece of wax paper or plastic wrap and put it over the tub of ice cream then press the wax paper or plastic wrap inside a little to seal it. Let some of it hang over the edges and then put the lid back on.

8. Fresh Lettuce

How do you keep your lettuce fresh? Sometimes it feels like the lettuce goes bad quickly after I bought it. I found out you can keep your lettuce fresh and last longer by wrapping your lettuce in clean dry paper towels then storing it in a resealable plastic bag in the refrigerator after you have washed it.

9. Flavored Whip Cream

Your kids are going to love this, especially during the summertime! Here’s how you can do this.

  1. Whip up cream from a carton
  2. Add two tablespoons of flavored Jell-O
  3. Continue beating on slow until the whipped cream is light and fluffy

10. Microwave Cleaning

Do you find it hard to clean your microwave with all those food stains that are stuck? All the splatters from food cooking or warming up gets stuck on the walls. How do you clean it up?

  1. Place a microwaveable bowl with a half cup of water and half of a real lemon into the microwave.
  2. Turn the microwave on for a couple of minutes until it begins to moisten and steams up the microwave.
  3. Then remove the microwaveable bowl.
  4. Wipe away the foot stains and gunk inside.
  5. It makes your microwave smell fresh too!

11. No More Sticky Oil

First, rinse your measuring cup in hot water then pour your oil or syrup in it then put them into the dish you are creating. Then oil or syrup will not stick to your cup!

12. Keeping Celery Fresh

Here is how to keep your celery fresh longer:

  1. Wash your celery first
  2. Then cut off the ends and chop them up into the size of your liking
  3. Put it in a container that is filled with cold water
  4. Then put the lid on and place it in the refrigerator

Your celery will now stay fresh for days!


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I hope these tips will help you simplify your life a little more while in the kitchen.

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