10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home

When Father’s Day comes around, my husband loves to celebrate it by going out to eat and then doing something fun or tackle a household project with the whole family. This year, however, is a little different than most other Father’s Day celebrations due to the pandemic. Currently, our state is going through different phases, leaving many of our local businesses still not up and running.

How about you? Is your Father’s Day going to be a little different this year?

You probably are wondering what you are going to do to celebrate the amazing special men in your life. Our father figures – dads, grandpas, in-laws, uncles – still deserve to have a big celebration even during our quarantine situation.

Take a look at these 10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home!

1. Make a Hearty Brunch

Start the celebration off right in the morning by making your fathers a hearty brunch. You can make their favorite brunch favorites. Even the breakfast favorites, such as bacon and eggs, will make it a special treat right in the morning. You can also make pancakes, waffles, and crepes if your fathers have a sweet tooth.

2. Family Game Time

If the father loves quality bonding, then get the whole family together for a family game time. Play dads favorite games or some new games you think he would love to play.

3. Learn Something New

There is nothing better than learning something new with your dad. Take a class together on something you both might be interested in and have been wanting to learn. It’s a fun way to celebrate Father’s Day and something you can still do together after the day of celebration.

4. Rewatch Sports History

If your dad loves a certain game or just an all-around sports guy, why not revisit the best games in sports history on Father’s Day? Sports might be on hold right now, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a game or two together from the past!

5. Firing Up the Grill

Celebrate Father’s Day with amazing food with the whole family. If it’s a nice day you can bring out the grill. Dad can teach the kids a new thing or two about grilling or simply enjoying a great meal prepared by dad.

6. Family Bike Ride

Do you always get out and go on Father’s Day? If you are still stuck at home during the quarantine, you can always spend the day cruising around on a family bike ride. This is a fun activity for everyone, especially if the weather is just right on Father’s Day!

7. Build Something

What guy doesn’t love to get their hands dirty once in a while? Spend Father’s Day building something together or giving him a fun project to build with the little ones. A sandbox is a great idea. Dad can help show the kids some carpentry skills and they can have a fun place to play during the summer in the backyard.

8. Camp in the Backyard

Camping might be on a standstill right now, but you can still experience the great outdoors right in your backyard! Set up a whole campground in the backyard with a tent, fire pit, and his favorite snacks. At night, everyone can gather around and tell stories. Don’t forget the smores!

0. Bring the Tee to Him

The golf courses might be closed but you can bring the tee time to him. Practice your putt-putt together right outside. You can set up a whole arena with obstacles. Just use the kid’s toys for an easy DIY golf course.

10. Dad Trivia

Creative a trivia game that is all about dad. Use trivia questions on dad’s favorite things, least favorite things, treasured keepsakes, memories, etc. You can even include tricky trivia questions that the whole family might know but they need to be paying attention in order to answer correctly! Award fun prizes for who knows dad the best.

You can also just play a fun game of trivia if dad likes a little bit of competition. Plus, why doesn’t like trying to be smarter than dad? He knows it all!

How are you spending Father’s Day this year during the pandemic?

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