Summer Fun Backyard Ideas During COVID-19

By this time of year, my family and I are looking forward to summer. We look forward to the adventures we plan and the memories we will make. However, this year our summer is going to be a little different.

It’s hard to make any plans for the summer month during the global pandemic. Many summer plans are going to be canceled. Parks might stay closed longer. National parks you might only be able to visit during the day so there goes your family camping trip. The weekly summer camps your kids go to every year might have already been canceled too.

So, what are your kids going to do during the summer while still at home?

Here are some summer fun backyard ideas you can do during the pandemic.

Playground Sets

Playground equipment is a great investment to make right now. It gets your kids to be able to play outside during the warm weather but keeping safe. If your family has younger kids a playground set will be great for many years.


Trampolines are another fun thing to put in your own backyard. Kids love to see how high they can jump and many fun other activities. If you purchase a trampoline for your backyard, make sure you check the weight limits. You might even consider no-gap enclosures for younger kids and padding over the springs.

Nerf Guns

Nerf guns come in all different designs and themes. There are tons of different shooting styles, such as darts or motorized blasting. The whole family can enjoy a fun nerf gunfight out in the backyard.

Super Soakers

The Super Soakers are making a comeback this year. The kids will love soaking up their other siblings, neighbors, and even you! This is another great activity to stay cool during the summer and one the whole family can do too.

Inflatable Pools

Wanting to stay cool even more, but can’t go to the beach or public pool? Get an inflatable pool! These are perfect for all ages of kids. Depending on the age of your kids, you can get a small or bigger one. Young children will love these, and they are super easy to set up as well if you have younger kids.

Kick Croquet

Cut hula hoops in half and set up a game of kick croquet. You can use bigger bouncy balls to kick around and score through the hula hoops that act like the croquet hoops.

Water Balloon Pinatas

Fill up water balloons, tie strings around them, and then hang them on a tree branch or a sturdy stick. Kids will love playing this refreshing game as they whack the water balloon pinatas.

Create Your Own Mini-Golf Course

Make your own mini-golf course right in your backyard. You can construct your own course using cereal boxes, cardboard tubing, books, and more. The whole family will love this. Here are some ideas on getting you started to build your own homemade mini-golf course.

Run Through the Sprinklers

No matter how old you are, running through the sprinklers never gets old. Grab the hose and a sprinkler and get ready! The kids will love running through the sprinklers no matter what.

Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is one of the many fun things you can do. You can hold an art contest and see how creative the kids can get.

Water Balloon Fight

Throw water balloons at each other has never been more fun. To make it an extra challenge for the kids to set up obstacles. Be sure to set rules of engagement as sometimes these types of fun can get a little out of hand. Consider including rules about using the water balloons as you want these to last a while.

What are some of your summer ideas while still social distancing?

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