Hidden Hashtags Teens Use That Parents Need to Know

Does it sometimes feel like your kids are speaking a different language?

When I am scrolling through my kids Instagram accounts or watching their latest TikTok videos, it feels like I am reading some language that teens only seem to understand. These hashtags sometimes have me shaking my head and thinking to myself “I don’t know what it even means!”

Hashtags have helped made the interest a lot easier to navigate for many of us who want to talk or learn about different things. If you are wanting some travel tips or cooking tricks you just need to use a certain hashtag on social media platforms to find it.

However, I never thought there could be a dark side to using hashtags.

The secret language of hashtags you aren’t understanding can might be more than what you think your kids are using to communicate with. It might not look like a dangerous behavior from your kid, but there is a deeper meaning behind some of the hashtags your teens might be using.

Here are Hidden Hashtags Teens Use That Parents Need to Know!

#deb = depression

#sue = suicide

#ana = anorexic

#proana = pro-anorexic

#mia = bulimia

#promia = pro-bulimia

#ednos = eating disorder not otherwise specified

#thinsp = thinspiration

#tina = crystal meth

#cu46 = “see you for sex”

#svv = “selbstverletzendes verhalten” or self-harming behavior

#secretsociety123 = a community of people who engage in NSSH or non-suicidal self-harm

Flower emojis = drugs

Green check emojis = asking for marijuana


It’s important for us parents to be aware of these secret hashtags. If feel there is a chance your child is engaging in some dangerous behavior, be sure to talk to them. Make sure when you speak to your child about a potential issue that you are non-confrontational and not judgmental. 

What are some other secret hashtags or codes you’ve learned about?

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