5 Ways to Save on Air Conditioning

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When the hottest days of summer arrive things can get heated up quickly. Many of us immediately turn to our air conditioning for relief, but sometimes running the air conditioning can quickly skyrocket our electricity bills.

There are things you can do to make your house cooler and to minimize using your air conditioning to save money. To keep your house feeling fresh and comfy during the summertime, check out these 5 ways to save on air conditioning.

1. Use Fans Instead

Depending on how hot the weather is you might be able to shut off the air conditioners in the house for the day and just other fans in your home. Using ceiling fans or other circulating fans can make it feel six degrees cooler due to the wind-chill effect they give off. A ceiling fan helps disperse the cooled air more efficiently and uses about 10% of the energy of a central air conditioner.

2. Get a Programmable Thermostat

If you don’t have a smart thermostat now is the time to upgrade. Smart thermostats are a great way to save money. You can program your air conditioning based on your household’s specific needs. If you aren’t home for the day, then you can schedule the air conditioning to be raised a couple of degrees and then lowered when you arrive home at a certain time. This allows you to save energy and money.

Smart thermostats also allow you to remotely use an app on your phone to adjust the settings. Many of them also work with smart home platforms.

3. Avoid the Heat

Avoid activities in your home that would generate a lot of heat. Some of these activities are cooking, using the dishwasher, and dryer. Instead, use the microwave to cook, grill your food outside, or use a pressure cooker or slow cooker to keep the temperature to a minimum in the kitchen. You can wash your dishes by hand and allow them to air dry. Skip the dryer by letting your clothes hand dry.

4. Maintain Your Systems

Properly caring for your equipment is important, especially maintain your cooling systems inside your home. If you don’t properly care for your cooling systems, then the cooling cost of your home won’t be reduced. Blocked airflow will make your systems work harder to keep your home cool.

Check your filters once per month. You may need to clean them out or replace them. Make sure you have your air conditioner serviced on a regular basis as well to ensure it is running efficiently before a problem occurs on a very hot summer day. If you are looking for air conditioning installation in Clifton NJ, then Atlantic Plumbing Heating and Cooling is the right company for the job. 

5. Keep the Sun Out

Letting the hot sun in through your windows will quickly heat up your home. Close your window blinds to keep the sun out. If you don’t have any blinds then now is the time to invest in some sort of covering to block the sun out, such as curtains or blinds. Closing the blinds can also help insulate the cold air from escaping your home too.

How do you keep your home cool during the summer?

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