11 Fun At-Home Date Night Ideas

Dating can often feel like a thing of the past once the children come alone. It is a challenge that all married parents face. How can married parents find time together once the children come along?

Trying to find time for date nights with your spouse is hard. Trust me! I know all too well how trying to prioritize time alone together can be difficult. My family has five kids, so juggling their school activities, after school events, the demands of our big family, and just life in general, I know that spending time alone with my husband was hard.

Finding creative ways to sneak in date-nights from time to time I thought would be hard, but it there are some simple and easy ways you can right at home. Here are 11 Fun At-Home Date Night Ideas!

1. Cook Together

Cooking together can be fun if you both enjoy cooking. Maybe one of you enjoys cooking more, it then can be fun to teach your partner a thing or two about cooking. You both can always try following a new recipe to increase your cooking knowledge. Make it a fun experience with each other!

2. Get Take-Out

Don’t feel like cooking? Order your favorite take-out and enjoy a simple yet delightful dinner date together. Step it by a notch by putting a tablecloth on the table, lighting some candles, and turning on some romantic tunes.

3. Tackle a Project Together

Are you both feeling creative? You both can spend a date night at home by tackling a project together. It can be a home project you both been wanting to do and now is a great time to finally get it finished. Maybe there is a fun and creative project you both would like to do, such as painting or other fun and creative projects.

4. Read Together

Reading out loud together seems strange, but this once was a common activity with families. Reviving this old tradition can spark some great conversation and fun between you too. Choose a book you both would like. You can cuddle up in bed or the couch at home. Talk about the storyline and plot twists with each other.

5. Get Pampered

Give each other some love by trading foot massages. You can even go all out by getting a spa gift basket with massage oils, hot towels, and facials.

6. Movie Night

Spend the night watching some of your favorite movies or a new one you both have been wanting to see. Cuddle up on the catch in blankets. Don’t forget to get your favorite snacks too.

7. A Trip Down Memory Lane

For a fun date night at home, take a trip back to the past. Talk about the moment you knew you wanted to be together, any silly bloopers during your dating days, and more! Share old photos with each other.

8. Backyard Camp Out

A backyard campout is a great and fun date. You can set up a tent in the backyard on a warm and cozy night. Roast marshmallows and make your favorite camping food for dinner.

9. Game Night

Do you both love playing games? On your next date at home you both can play your favorite games and pull out an old one you haven’t played in years. There are tons of game ideas, such as card games, board games, and even jigsaw puzzles! Enjoy a fun night of laughs and competition.

10. Dance Together

Pick a favorite old song or several and have your very own at-home dance party.

11. Ask Each Other Questions

Do you both need a night to reconnect or just feel like talking? There are tons of books out there about “questions for couples”. You can even get fun conversation starter cards to. These questions prompts can get you laughing, talking, learning new things about each other.

What are some of your favorite at-home date nights? Join the conversation below. We’ve love to hear your at-home date night ideas.

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