10 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home

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Mother’s Day is a great day for us moms! We love the special day that is dedicating to celebrating everything about motherhood. To me, it almost feels like a second birthday.

One of the things I have loved most over the years when Mother’s Day comes around is when my whole family is together. It is the greatest gift of all when my family will spend some quality time with me. I cherish the special moments we create and the memories I keep forever from every Mother’s Day.

Spending time with mom can mean a lot of different things. You can spend some quality time with mom by doing things she is interested in. Maybe she has a favorite hobby or project she would love doing together with the family. Maybe she wants to spend time with the whole family and just laugh together.

If you aren’t sure where to start, I’ve put together some fun Mother’s Day activities you can do at home. Check out these 10 fun ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day at home!

1. Serve Breakfast in Bed

Let mom sleep in on her big day of celebration. You can make a delicious breakfast for her and serve it to her in bed when she wakes up. Make pancakes, waffles, crepes, or her favorite thing to eat in the morning. She will feel very special starting her day with a delicious breakfast in bed!

2. Mom Trivia

Creative a trivia game that is all about mom. Use trivia questions on mom’s favorite things, least favorite things, treasured keepsakes, memories, etc. You can even include tricky trivia questions that the whole family might know but they need to be paying attention in order to answer correctly! Award fun prizes for who knows mom the best.

3. Plant a Garden Together

Has mom been wanting a garden of her own? Start a Mother’s Day tradition by getting the garden ready for the year with mom. You can plant a vegetable garden or just a few favorite flowers in potted planters. When she looks at her garden or the flowers she will be reminded of her special day.

4. Sing Your Hearts Out for Her

If your family loves to sing songs, you can all celebrate Mother’s Day with karaoke singing. To make the karaoke even special, choose songs around Mother’s Day. You can also pick songs that are special to the mom. Sing her favorite tunes or weeding song she danced to.

5. DIY Sundae Bar

Make your very own at-home ice cream parlor for Mother’s Day. Pick mom’s favorite ice cream flavor and toppings then place them all in a row on the kitchen counter. Everyone can go down the line and make their favorite ice cream sundae. Make sure you let the special mom go first.

6. Plan a Backyard Picnic

If the day is warm and full of sunshine, plan on having a backyard picnic for Mother’s Day. Make her favorite food and gather the family around for a great time. Mom will love spending time with everyone on her special day.

7. Get to Know Mom Game

How well does everyone really know mom? Print out a list of questions the whole family can ask mom. Some questions you can ask are about her hobbies, adventures, favorite foods, etc. Everyone can ask mom the questions, she answers them, and then everyone writes down the answers.

8. Make a Scrapbook

Are there photos of mom and the family laying around? Make a fun scrapbook on Mother’s Day. Work together with mom to create a fun scrapbook together. You can always have each family member create their own scrapbook for mom too. Each page can have a picture of mom and a family member and then the family member can write up a special message about what mom means to them and why they love her.

9. Play Games Together

Does mom have a few favorite games she loves to play? Take out her favorite games and spend some time on Mother’s Day playing them. It is a great way to spend time with mom and have fun together!

10. Make Something Together

If mom loves to bake or cook why not spend some time on her special day making something special together? You can bake her favorite dessert, whip something up together. As well, you can cook together by making her favorite meal for lunch or dinner.

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