Tips for Choosing the Best Gifts for Babies and Children

If you need to buy a gift for the parents of a new baby or a toddler or older child, you’ll no doubt find you’re bombarded with options when you start looking. It’s easy to get distracted by all sorts of cute clothes and snuggly soft toys, but before you hand over any money, think about the practicality of your purchase(s) too.

The best gifts for littlies are not only those that look sweet, but which are also useful and help to make life easier for the child’s parents. When you’re shopping, consider a few vital factors to ensure you pick a present for the youngster in your life that both kids and parents alike will appreciate.

Check Out Parent Wishlists and Gift Registries

Find out if a child’s parents have already set up a gift registry or made wishlists available for people to choose from. This availability makes life easier for all involved. It means parents have the chance to avoid receiving items they already have or don’t want in their house (e.g., noisy toys), while buyers have a list to select from, knowing they’re purchasing something useful.

If you feel funny about going down this path because it doesn’t seem so personal, keep in mind that etiquette has changed in recent years. These days many people favor using registries and wishlists. Plus, remember that these save you the time and indecision usually involved with coming up with ideas from scratch!

Get Educational

Parents are always keen to help their children to grow and develop, so buying gifts for babies and kids that promote this goes down well. For bubs, consider buying cloth, bath, or board books, or simple development toys designed for their appropriate age. For older children, purchase gifts that will stimulate their minds while at the same time entertaining them – this will make parents even happier! For bonus points, source products that relate to a child’s interests. 

For example, kids intrigued by nature, animals, sustainability, and the world around them would like the educational Little Blue Planet children’s book or a memory game or puzzle featuring different creatures. A child who loves being creative might like a Lego kit, a how-to-draw book, or a craft kit that shows them how to make bracelets. Budding scientists, on the other hand, love receiving their own little laboratory or experiment kit.

Pick Personalized Items

Another tip for choosing the best gifts for youngsters is to find personalized items with special meaning as a result. For instance, you could buy a baby a bathrobe, towel set, or blanket with their name on it, or get a photo frame imprinted with the family’s names. Alternatively, check out personalized money boxes, birth certificate holders, dinner sets, or even jewelry.

Older children love to feel special by having items that belong just to them. They enjoy receiving personalized gifts such as lunch boxes, pencil cases, backpacks, and toys. You could get them a book that features their name or a talking toy that speaks messages you pick out or even record yourself.

On a practical note, parents also appreciate that items labeled with their child’s name help these goods be more distinguishable from those owned by other kids. This personalization reduces the chances of the belongings going to the wrong home, especially when children attend care centers, school, or sports and other group activities.

Go for Gift Baskets

Gift baskets make for a fun idea for youngsters, too. There are many pre-made hampers available for those who are busy. These baskets are full of all sorts of practical and pretty gifts for babies, such as bibs, rattles, teethers, swaddle cloths, plush toys, and toiletries. Alternatively, make up a box of goodies yourself.

Toddlers and older kids get excited by having many gifts to open, too. They can’t tell the cost of items and simply focus on what
they can unwrap and play with. As such, gift baskets put together to suit their interests are always popular.

Consider loading your present with items such as a small activity or coloring book, some pencils or crayons, stickers, play dough, a mini flashlight, matchbox cars, yoyo, and/or other small toys. You could perhaps even add some brightly-decorated cookies, a lollipop, or the child’s favorite candy.

Buying presents for the young people in your life can often be stressful and time-consuming. However, if you think through your purchases and try out some of the options above, you should find the experience more fun, and the reactions from the recipients even more favorable.

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