Preparing Your Family for Emergencies

As parents, there are times we need to get a hold of people no matter what. Whether it’s our children, our spouse, or some other family member. When an emergency happens, you need the peace of mind that you can reach the people you need to. There is nothing scarier than not knowing where your people are at in an emergency.

We all understand the feeling of trying to reach someone in an urgent situation when they aren’t answering their phone. Panic turns to frustration, soon followed by fear and anger. You quickly realize that the methods you rely on for everyday communication, namely calls, texts, and messages, aren’t effective when you’re in a critical situation. And with the critical situation our world is in right now, we all realize the need to be more prepared for crisis in our lives.

Good news! There is now a way to have that peace of mind. Meet NeedUNow, the app that can do just that. NeedUNow completes the communication puzzle, giving you the ability to send or receive an audible notification, even if the receiving phone is set to silent, so you can always reach the person you need!

NeedUNow was specifically designed to give parents and families a fail-proof way to reach each other when:

– A loved one is very sick.

– Your child becomes injured.

– A family emergency requires you to speak to a family member right away.

– Your teen is away from home and not answering your messages.

– You’re worried about a loved one’s well being.

…or any other time-sensitive situation requiring an immediate response.

NeedUNow is free for up to 2 contacts, $0.99/mo (or $9.99/yr) for 3-10 contacts, or $4.99/mo (or $49.99/yr) for unlimited contacts. To send alerts between two people, both parties must have the app installed and need to have connected within the app.

As you look for ways to be more prepared in your family in emergencies try NeedUNow!

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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with NeedUNow in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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