Genius Ways to Make Your Food Last Longer

make food last longer

It constantly feels like I am having to go back the grocery store after a few days to resupply our home with fresh produce. There is nothing more frustrating when I am trying to prepare a salad with lettuce I only bought three days ago and now it already wilting. Sometimes the bananas, avocados, and berries are already browning, ripening, and a little moldy.

Expired produce is a major source of food waste. It can also feel like you are tossing away your money without care too. But there is hope!

I’ve learned some important tricks when it comes to keep your produce tasting and staying fresh longer. Here are some genius ways to make your food last longer!

make food last longer


Keep your banana fresh longer by separating them from each other. Then wrap each stem in plastic. The plastic wrap will help contain the ethylene gas that ripens the bananas. Do not put your banana in the fridge. If the bananas go ripe, you can always make a tasty Banana Bread recipe like this one from Celebrating Sweets

make food last longer


Lettuce can easily be kept fresh by adding a dry paper towel. First wash and dry the lettuce thoroughly. Then add a dry paper towel to the container. The paper towel will dry the moisture and keep the lettuce fresher for days later. Make sure you replace the dampen paper towel with a new clean dry paper towel. 

make food last longer


Putting carrots in a jar of water and storing them in the fridge will keep them fresher longer. It will also make the carrots stay crisper too.

make food last longer


Keeping bread out at room temperature will make it go stale or even grow mold before you can eat all of it. You might think keeping it in the refrigerator will keep it fresher, but it will actually go stale even faster! Instead, you want to freeze the bread whole or cut up bread slices and freeze those so it will thaw out quicker. You can warm up the bread slices in the oven or toast them in a toaster.

make food last longer


After opening a nice cheese, you’ll want to keep to fresh longer by wrapping it in wax or beeswax paper. It will help keep them from molding. You can always use plastic wrap too.


To keep apples fresh longer, store them in your fridge. Cold apples will also taste crisper too!


If you have a basil plant consider storing the basil plant at room temperature with its stem in water. It will keep the basil fresher without turning brown.


Storing your flour in the freezer will help keep it fresher for longer. Make sure you bring your flour to room temperature before making any baked goods. 


Keeping your tomatoes out of the fridge in a cool place will allow them to ripen. The tomatoes will stronger and fresher tastes when stored outside of the fridge than inside. If the tomatoes are bright red and need to ripe quicker, then keep them in the fridge. Be sure to eat them soon as possible.


Avocados are a tricky fruit that seems almost impossible to get at their perfect stage. The trick with avocados is to let them ripen out of the fridge. You can keep them in the fridge to preserve them until you are ready to eat them.

If you have some leftover avocado, keep the stone in and brush some lemon on the exposed flesh to stop it from going brown.

What are some other genius ways you keep food fresher for longer? Join the conversation below!

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