7 Ways to Celebrate Teachers From a Distance

Celebrate Teachers from distance

Social media these last few months have been filled with endless amounts of parents showing their appreciation for their children’s teachers. During our quarantine, teachers are going above and beyond on their new way of teaching our children. Some have spent hours finding out new ways to teach, inspire our children, and connect through online platforms.

Normally during this time of year, many parents and school districts will be planning and preparing for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8th), but this year is different than any other end of the school year. While our children might not be in school right now, there are so many different ways we can still celebrate and show our appreciation for our children’s teachers.

Here are 7 Ways to Celebrate Teachers From a Distance!

1. Write a Thank You Letter

Everyone loves reading a personal letter, even teachers do too! Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week by having your child write a thoughtful and meaningful thank you letter to their teacher. You can mail the letter to your teacher’s home if you know their address. If you don’t know their address you can always send the letter to the school’s address. You can always email your child’s teacher the letter too.

2. Organize a Teacher Car Parade

Recently online, there are a variety of different parades with teachers driving through the streets of their neighborhood in decorated cars. Even some bus drivers have been doing this too! A great idea for teacher appreciation is organizing a similar event. Decorate the cars and write your appreciation notes on the car windows.

3. Gift Cards

Giving your child’s teacher a gift card is another great idea. You can give your child’s teacher a gift card to their favorite local shop or restaurant (BONUS: This also supports your local community too!).

You can always give teachers gift cards for shopping online. Amazon gift cards are a great place to start. Amazon offers many gift card options, and you can send these digitally too.

Here are some other eGift card options:

4. Shout Them out on Social Media

If your child’s school has a social media page you can show your appreciation by giving your child’s teacher a personal shout out there. Post a note on the social page and thank your child’s teacher or all the teachers at your child’s school!

You can always tag your teacher if you know their social media tag. Add a picture of your child to your social media shout out too. Your child’s teacher will love seeing their student.

5. Make a Video

Making a quick video of your child thanking their teacher is a great way to show appreciation. It definitely will bring a smile and make their day. You can make it fun by blowing up balloons, getting streamers, confetti, and party horns!

6. Online Presentation

If your child attentions an online class time you can organize with the other parents in the class and do a fun online presentation. All the students can make a sign that says thank you or another message about appreciating their teacher. Students can share a memory about their teacher too.

7. Make a Class Photo Collage

Organize with other student’s parents to create a photo collage for their teacher. You can all create one huge message teacher or have each student share a special message or drawing on their own poster.

How are you showing your child’s teacher appreciation during Teacher Appreciation Week?

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