10 Easy Ways to Save on Your Family Dream Vacation

Everyone always seems to have a plan to go on their dream vacation. However, making it a reality can seem hard considering how much taking a vacation can cost alone. Even more when you have a family!

Most Americans spend around 10% of their household income to vacation. Some of these families are even taking vacations they cannot afford. According to a 2017 LearnVest Money Habits and Confessions Survey states that 74% of people said they have gone into debt to pay for a vacation, which on average is about $1,108. That can be a lot for some family’s yearly income.

With all the planning and anticipation, it comes to family vacations, it can be a huge investment emotionally in how much money it cost to just go on a family vacation. As a child, I have very fond memories of going on family vacations and creating meaningful memories with my kids. Every parent wants to create meaningful memories and moments with their kids. I wanted to be able to do that as well so I started look for a vacation property management service to help me find a wonderful place for me and my family to spend our vacation. 

But you don’t need to create meaningful memories by breaking your bank and spending huge amounts on experiences. There are plenty of ways to save money on your family dream vacation you can start doing right now or when you are ready to book that vacation your family has been waiting so long for.

Check out these 10 Easy Ways to Save on Your Family Dream Vacation!

1. Start a Family Dream Vacation Jar

One fun and creative way to save up for your family dream vacation is starting a family dream vacation jar. It’s a fun way to see the cash pile grow. The kids can cut out pictures of the places they want to visit and paste them on the jar. Everyone can help contribute to the family dream vacation, even the kids can if they have a weekly allowance or want to use of the money, they use for activities to instead be contributed to the saving jar.

2. Try a Different Season

An easy way to save on a big portion of your vacation is changing the season you would be taking the vacation. The time of year you choose can make a huge different in how much you will pay.

If you want to still go on vacation when travelling costs can be expensive, consider going a week before or after the peak season. For example, take the kids out of school a week earlier before school is traditionally let out for the summer. You can also use this for winter break, trips during the school year, or long weekends off.

3. Forget the Hotels

Staying at a hotel for your family vacation can also be a heavy price. Consider saving money by staying at other places. Try one of these instead:

  • Book a rental with local homeowners, such as an AirBnB
  • Stay with family or friends
  • Share a room with family or friends
  • Try finding hotel deals online, such as com

4. Go with Family or Friends

Travelling with family and friends can allow you all to put your money together for a better rate. You can be spending a couple hundred instead of nearly a thousand on a 2-4 nights of vacation by going as a group.

If you are travelling in a group, be sure to ask about group discounts when booking for vacation. You might be able to get a discount for going as a group, especially if you tour washington dc.

5. Be Aware of Extra Costs

Extra fees are likely to happen when you travel these days. Pay attention to the little extra fees you might have to pay when going on vacation. Some of these might be parking, tolls, gas, and car rental insurance. Try using other means to avoid the extra costs, such as using the public transit or Uber to get around.

6. Use Hotel and Airline Points

Rack up points by using a credit card that allows you to spend points on a variety of airlines, hotels, and car rentals. Most credit cards will be easy to rack up points by allowing you to get points with everyday purchases. Be sure you sign up for the credit card company’s emails so you can be notified when there are sales.

7. Save on Special Family Activities

There might be some family activities you are really wanting to do when you go on your family vacation. Make sure you do these things if you really want to do them. You can find great discounts for activities at Groupon or Travelzoo.

8. Cook Your Own Food

When booking your family vacation consider booking your lodgings with a kitchen. Eating three meals out every day can quickly add up. Staying somewhere with a kitchen can be great to save money by preparing your own meals at home. You can eat breakfast and lunch at home and enjoy a good family dinner meal out several times during your vacation.

9. Try a Resort with Deals

Family resorts can make trips easy but don’t also have to break the bank either. You can find some good resorts with deals that have packages included with all the food and activities. Make sure you book with a resort that has a complimentary kids club or you might be ending up paying $100 or more per kid. If you’re taking a trip to Egypt and are looking for a place to stay, you can read more post on House Solution Egypt Blog.

10. Free for Kids

Pick a family vacation destination that has activities that are free for kids. Cities have an array of museums and kid-free activities. Some cities that might interest you and your family are Paris, London, and Washington D.C.

What are some ways or tips that have helped you save for your family dream vacation? Join the conversation below.

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