10 Creative Ways to Use Packing Cubes

ways use packing cubes

When it comes to packing a suitcase, it can get messy. You probably have your own packing system down to a science. Perhaps you have discovered packing cubes that help keep your clothing and other essentials organized in your suitcase. Packing cubes have become an essential travel accessory for my family when it comes packing, keeping track of your items, and maximizing all your luggage space.

Did you know that packing cubes can be used for more than just packing your suitcase?

Packing cubes can help you stay organized at home and even on-the-go. I know we all have a spot in our households or in the car that could be some more organization, especially for those things that seem hopeless to keep organized. With a packing cube, you can get creative for those unique things that need to be organized.

Here are 10 creative ways to use packing cubes!

1. On-The-Go Snack Bags

Use packing cubes as on the go snack bags. Stash snacks you and your family would like to eat, such as granola bars, dried fruit or trail mix. Include some of your kid’s favorite snacks they might like munching on too. You can also use another packing cube to store wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer and napkins to keep everyone mess free after munching on some snacks.

2. Emergency Kit

Packing cubes also make great emergency kits to keep in your car or home. If you are wanting each family member to have their own emergency essential bags, then you can pair each family member with a different colored or printed cube.

3. Easy Diaper Bag

Create a diaper bag out of a packing cube. Organize your diaper bag with essential baby items you will need, such as diapers, wipes, and spare clothing. Using a packing cube as a diaper makes it so easy and simple to move from backpack to purse. Forget carrying around those huge diaper bags!

4. Seasonal Clothing Storage

Packing cubes make excellent organizational storage containers for clothing you aren’t currently wearing. You can store away the pieces of clothing you aren’t going to wear during the current season o keep your closet tidy.

5. Mini-Suitcases

Most packing cubes have handles, which can be used like a mini suitcases. You can use them on a road trip or if you run out of space in the suitcase for shoes. When I am travelling on an airplane, I like to take a packing cube in my carry-on filled with a days’ worth of clothing in case my luggage gets lost. It can hold other essentials you might need if your suitcase isn’t there at your destination.

6. Gym Bag Essentials

Keep everything you need for your workout or after a workout in a packing cube. Store toiletries, razors, makeup, and clothing for easy access if you need to shower after your gym sessions. You can always store a small packing cube with all these tiny essentials in your gym bag too. Use the medium sized cube to store your workout clothing.

7. Toy Organization

Any packing cube size can help organize your child’s toys. It can be used for your child’s toys that are hard to store, such as Legos or clothing for dolls. When your child is done playing with their toys you can easily put them away in the packing cube and store them in a closet, under a bed, or any small spaces to keep the floor area neat and tidy.

8. Office Supplies

With limited space at home or at work, many things like files, papers, and more can take over your workspace. Keep your area clean and stay organized by using a small or medium packing cube by storing all your office supply essentials in one. Use multiple to stack the cubes into your desk drawers for more organization.

9. Pet Accessories

Packing cubes make a great place to keep and store any pet accessories you have. Store leashes, toys, collars, treats, and more. everything will be on hand but organized and out of sight until you need it.

10. Activity Kit

An activity kit can easily be made by using packing cube. These are perfect if you are planning a car trip, a long day of running errands, or have an appoint that requires a lot of waiting. This will help keep your kids occupied and happy! Stock the activity kit with simple things that they like to do, such as books, stickers, and fun items. Keep it stored in your car for those times you might need it.

Do you use packing cubes to travel? Do you have a different use for packing cubes other than travelling? Join the conversation below.

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  1. I love my packing cubes! But I also love saving money AND the Earth and her inhabitants, so I try to repurpose as much as possible in my home. To that end, I have found that the plastic bags a lot sheet sets or blankets come in make PERFECT packing cubes! Most of the bags are zippered, and the fact that they are usually clear makes them even more perfect for organizing my traveling clothes and toiletries. Some are a bit larger, too, which makes them great for packing coats or bulky sweaters.

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