Making the Most out of Social Distancing

make most social distancing

You are probably familiar with social distancing by now. Educational institutions have closed their doors, sending your grade-aged or college aged kids to be at home. The movie theaters and retail stores are also closed. Dinning-in is no longer a thing, but there is still take out. Many employees are moving to their homes to work remotely.

This is the new normal we have all needed to learn to adjust to. It’s definitely not a fun one, but it is necessary in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

All of this might have caused you some concern. It really makes you evaluate what is truly important when life is beginning to feel uncertain. The virus and mandating social distancing have forced all of us to stop and think when we are so used to being busy and having our lives overbooked constantly.

Thankfully, this time doesn’t have to be an uncertain one. It is a blessing in disguise. You can take this time make the most of social distancing by spending time with your family and caring for yourself.

Here how to Make the Most of Social Distancing.

1. Take Care of Yourself

While being at home it is tempting to skip out on a normal routine, especially for one that is unhealthy. It’s important during this time you don’t forget to take care of ourselves. Everyone needs to stay strong and healthy, so that doesn’t mean you should skip the exercise or continuously binge out on unhealthy food.

Look online for some fun home workouts for yourself or with the kids. You will also find a lot more time to cook in your kitchen. Take the opportunity to try out a new healthy recipe for yourself or the family. Get creative with something healthy and fun.

2. Have Fun Together

Now that everyone is at home it’s a great time to spend time together by doing something fun. You can literally do anything as long as you are having fun together. Have a game night or a movie marathon with new or favorite movies. Build a family fort together or put together a puzzle. Be creative and have fun with each other.

3. Strengthen Your Relations

You are going to be spending a lot of more time inside. This is a great time to strengthen your relationships with family and friends. You can have meaningful conversations with your family in your home, or reaching out to family and friends that are not with you by calling them or through video chat.

Spend time with each of your family members. You can do things you enjoy together to create lasting memories. Make time for some serious talks as well. If you have older-aged kids you can explain everything that is going on in tangible terms that they can understand. Ask your children how they feel about the current events going on or any other serious topics you discuss. It’s a great time to connect individually with your kids and as a family together.

4. Enrich Your Minds Together

Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you or the kids need to stop learning. Continue to stimulate your mind by reading a book or researching something you always wanted to learn about or learning a new language. You can always read to the kids or have them continue their studies since many educational companies are offering amazing resources to help kids continue to learn while schools are closed.

5. Pursue Your Interests

Are there things you are passionate about or hobbies you enjoy doing? Pursue your interests while you are social distancing. You can work on crafts, household projects, practice playing an instrument.

Maybe there is a new hobby you are wanting to start or an old hobby you want to pick up again. Now is the time to write again or learn how to paint. Challenge yourself and the family to pursue their interests or a new one.

What are your plans to make the most of social distancing? Join the conversation below.

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  1. Thank you for this list! I’m trying to remember to take advantage of this time together instead of feeling like it’s a burden. These suggestions are helpful to remind me to make the most of it. I especially love the bit about pursuing your interests, something I rarely make time for. Thanks for the reminder!

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