Join My 30 Bags in 30 Days Challenge


Do you relate to one or more of these:

–  Overstuffed cupboards
– Cluttered counters
– Toy bins spilling over
– Piles of unwanted items
– Disorganized closets

Wondering how and when did you accumulate all this stuff?

Is decluttering your home one of your goals in 2020?  However your feeling a bit overwhelmed and not sure where to even begin?

Guess what?  I get it, I get the stress, the mess, the feeling of  “will I ever dig myself out of this clutter?”.  Remember I’m the mom of 5 kids who have accumulated more clutter than I care to admit. But mamas I got your back we are going to travel this declutter journey together as we un-clutter 30 Bags in 30 Days.

Do you want Less to Clean, Less to Organize, Less Stress ? 

Then you are going to LOVE our 30 BAGS in 30 DAYS Challenge, 24/7 MOMS newest decluttering challenge

Launching on March 16th , 2020 however you can join in at anytime.

You can do it mama in as little as 10 to 30  minutes each day and in just a few days you will already begin to see the clutter disappear.

What is 30 Bags in 30 Days :

The  24/7 MOMS declutter challenge with the goal of removing 30 bags worth of household clutter within a 30day time frame from your home

3 Simple Steps to Begin:

Step 1:

Sign-up TODAY  and receive  your FREE planning printables,  my weekly updates , and an invitation to join our privateFacebook group  filled with organization tips,  inspirations  and a space to share your progress  as we declutter our homes together.

Click the link  and sign-up TODAY!  It’s FREE.

Step 2:

Sign-up to join our Facebook group.  Link is in your FIRST email from me that will arrive within minutes after you sign-up at this link .

Our Facebook group is a space where you can share your progress, post pictures, ask organization questions to one another and help support each other along the decluttering  journey.

Step 3: 

Print out your choice of the fun and colorful planning printables (links to download will be in your FIRST email) and begin choosing  30 areas of your home to declutter over 30 days.  Such as fridge/freezer, child’s closet, under beds,  book shelves etc.

You can start the process by making your list of 30 areas (on one of my FREE printables)   and then each day choose an area off your list based on the amount of time you have to declutter that day. Such as I can usually clean out my fridge in under 30 minutes but a child’s closet might take me 2 hours. Then each day fill up a bag of items you are removing from the area you are decluttering.  Yes, somedays our bags will be over flowing and others not so much.  The goal is to declutter what you are no longer using, needing or wanting.


Ready?   Let’s Get Decluttering 

Be sure to click this link and sign-up NOW .

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