Family Fun Ideas – Surviving Self Quarantine With Kids

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So, you’re stuck at home now with the kids. All the schools are closed or soon to be closed. A national emergency has been mandated for everyone to keep their social distance. You might be wondering what the kids are going to be doing during these extra weeks at home.

You can’t go to the movies. You can’t go to your kid’s favorite park to play either. What can you do with all the extra hours that you have while being stuck at home?

Don’t worry, you won’t be sat there bored trying to entertain your kids. There are some great family fun activities you can do at home.

Check out these Family Fun Ideas While Surviving Self Quarantine with Kids!

Teach Your Family History

Share your family heritage with your children. Tell them where your family came from. If you aren’t sure where your family came from you can always try reaching out to an older relative. They might also appreciate hearing from your family during this time too. Be sure to take notes to document your family’s history.

Have a Dance or Karaoke Party

Blasting some music is a great way to have some fun together. Play some of your favorites during the dance party. Who knows your kids might find that they like the songs you loved as a kid too! In addition, you can have a karaoke party too! Sing your heart out as you blast your favorite music and sing along together.

Put on a Talent Show

Someone is bound to have a hidden talent in your family. Now is the time to show everyone your talent! There are all sorts of talents you perform, such as a comedy, a magic show, a sports trick, and whatever will entertain everyone in the family.

Complete a Puzzle

There are lots of different levels of puzzles. You can do a challenging puzzle with the older kids or one with lesser pieces with the younger kids. Puzzles are a fun way to pass the time and a great activity to have conversations with the family.

Play Board Games

You can also bring out board games too. Maybe even host a fun family game night with lots of games and everyone’s favorite snacks! You might even be able to finally finish that game of Monopoly.

Change Up Your Cooking

Are you wanting to change up your family meals? Maybe there is a new recipe you never tried before but always wanted to try. Now is the time to do it! Use this website Super Cook to figure out what recipes you can make by just adding your ingredients on the website.

Watch a Movie

There are tons of movies available on streaming platforms right now. Some of the streaming platforms might be offering some great deals too during the COVID-19 outbreak. Try streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu. You might even have some old favorite movies laying around. Get together and have a family movie night with lots of snacks too!

Catch Up with Family and Friends

While we are all stuck at home, it’s a great time to reconnect with family and friends. Give them a call or video chat to reconnect. It’s a good time to check on others to see how they are doing and. As well, it can really be a positive mood booster for everyone too.

Play Video Games

Try playing a video game with the family or kids. If you haven’t played before now is a fun time to give it a shot. You can have your kids teach you how to play a certain game. If you have old gaming consoles, consider pulling it out and enjoying the classic video games.

Complete some DIY Projects

YouTube and Pinterest have some great DIY projects. There are fun projects you can do there with the kids for all different ages. You likely will already have some of the supplies right in your home.

Get Artsy

There are endless arts and crafts out there, especially online. You can use random household items in your home. Toilet paper rolls can be used to make some fun and crafty projects.

Make a Blanket Fort

There is nothing too old about making a good blanket fort. Make a huge blanket fort with the kids that everyone can fit into. Even if the fort doesn’t stay up that long it’s all about the fun in making it!

Go for a Walk

There is nothing like some good exercise together as a family. Go out for a walk together around the block or a nearby trail. Take your dog along with you so they can get some exercise too.

Try a Science Project

You can find fun science projects online to try at home. It’s a great way to have a learning opportunity with the kids.

Make a Time Capsule

Gather things together that are happening now, such as newspaper clippings and journal entries, and personalized items. Seal them away into a container and bury them somewhere. Dig them up a couple decades later.

Have a Backyard Field Day

Field days don’t only happen at school, you can create your own version at home with the kids. You can have potato sack races with pillowcases and tug of war with a jump rope.

Make a Scrapbook

Pass the time with the kids by making scrapbooks together. You can reflect on shared moments together when looking at the photos too.

Enjoy a Home Spa

If you and your family are needing some pampering, try having an at-home spa night. You can do manicures, mud masks, and other fun spa activities. You and your family will feel fresh and relaxed afterwards!

Let Them Choose

If you are looking for some more ideas, ask your family what they would like to do. You might learn something you never knew that your kids liked to do or something new you might enjoy too.

Read a Book Together

Dust off the books you have been meaning to read with your children. Get comfortable on your bed or couch with the whole family. Have them read their own books or read one to them.

What are some fun family activities you are doing together while stuck at home? Join the conversation below.

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  1. Great ideas, thanks. If after family Crossfit you remain in good health, try the following trick: turn on the music and relax. Music therapy will help you not to notice how the son jumps from the sofa “into space”, and the daughter draws a portrait of her beloved mother on the curtains. Songs will help temporarily distract from coronavirus quarantine, oil prices, exchange rates, the closure of the metro and entertainment centers. It is not necessary to vocalize on the balconies, as in Italy, but karaoke right in the apartment in front of the children is a good idea. Good luck!

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