4 Ways Kids Can Stay Connected With Friends

Social distancing has now become a top priority around the world. More than over, many places are mandating stay at homes for several weeks. Along with this and school closures, it is making it difficult for our kids who are trying to stay connected with their friends and classmates.

Our kids are spending most of their time physically apart from each other. I believe it is important to help our kids to not become isolated from their friends, but to find ways to help them stay connected during these strange times.

Thankfully, there are some creative ways to help our kids stay connected with friends during social distancing.

Hang Out Digitally

Your kids can stay connected with their friends for free virtually thanks to several apps and websites. They can interact virtually individually with their friend or in a group meet up with websites and apps like Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Caribu, and Discord. These virtually meet up apps and websites are perfect to help your kid even make it possible to interact with some of their friends from school to work on projects or other assignments together.

Movie Night

If your kid’s friends have a Netflix subscription, they can use a free Google Chrome extension to watch movies together. Netflix Party synchronizes the video with anyone using the extension and adds a group chat so the kids can talk during the movie if they want to. Those within the group can control the video, such as pausing, playing, fast forward or rewinding. Everyone will be in the same spot.

As well, you won’t have to worry about strangers entering the chat room. Only those with the invite link can join the group!

Take Virtual Tours Together

Museums and parks all over the world might have closed their door, but they are support social distancing. The kids can take a virtual tour with their friends to enjoy learning about new culture and seeing new places.

Game Night

Your kids can enjoy a fun virtual game night with online game site apps like Pogo. Pogo allows your kids to play some of the classic and favorite board games, such as Monoplay, while still social distancing.

If your kids already have gaming consoles, such as Xbox Live, Nintendo Online, and PlayStation, then there is a wide variety of games they all can play together online.

What are some ways you are helping your kids stay connected with their friends during social distancing?

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