13 Dinner Ideas That Don’t Require a Trip to the Grocery Store

dinner ideas grocery store

It’s happened to us all before. The fridge is extremely bare and there is “nothing” to eat in the house. It only seems you have two choices to do, either eat cereal or order takeout. Ordering takeout definitely seems better than a cold bowl of dry cereal.

But before you order take out, I guarantee you can still cook a delicious meal!

You might be out of the essential items you use to cook the family’s normal weeknight dinner meals, but there are plenty of meals you can make using just simple staples from your pantry and freeze.

These recipes aren’t just boxed meals. These meals are clean, filling, and satisfying. Check out these 13 Dinner Ideas that Don’t Require a Trip to the Grocery Store!

dinner ideas grocery store
Grilled Cheese from Allrecipes

Everyone loves a good girl cheese classic. You can add a twist by adding bacon and tomato to these classic sandwiches too.

dinner ideas grocery store
Loaded Vegetarian Baked Sweet Potato from Skinny Taste

Sweet potatoes are an easy way to cook and have so many different ways. They make a quick filling and easy meal too. Add your favorite toppings or try this delicious loaded potato recipe.

dinner ideas grocery store
15 Grain Bowl Recipes from Brit + Co

Grain bowls are a great option since they are mostly customizeable! You can add any grain with your choice of veggies, cheeses, egg. The grain bowl combination includes a grain, lettuce, veggies, and protein. Check out these 15 Grain Bowl Ideas for some inspiration!

dinner ideas grocery store
Tex-Mex Chicken Soup from Good Housekeeping

The recipe calls for a use of leftover rotisserie chicken but if you don’t have that you can always use a chicken noodle can soup and add canned corns, tortilla chips, cilantro, and chopped avocados. Add stewed tomatoes for more flavors.

dinner ideas grocery store
Tuscan White Bean Pasta from Budget Bytes

You can make a simple pasta recipe like a Tuscan White Bean Pasta with no groceries in your home. If you have a box of pasta, a can of beans, and veggies you are good to go. Just cook the pasta, add the drained and rinsed beans and any fresh or frozen veggies. You can add a can of tomatoes or red/pesto sauce. Don’t forget to add spices, herbs, garlic, and olive oil if you have any on hand.

dinner ideas grocery store
Southwestern Omelet from Cooking Light

Omelets are the perfect meal for dinner. If you have a few eggs you can create a filling meal for the whole family. Use some canned beans, such as black beans, pinto, or kidney if you have some in the pantry and that jar of salsa in the fridge to make a delicious Southwestern omelet.

dinner ideas grocery store
Spicy Three-Bean Pantry Chili from Food Network

This recipe is perfectly made for when you are limited on groceries. Enjoy the taste of comforting chili to your liking by adding more canned tomatoes or chili powder. You can eve add carrots or chop up a bell pepper if you have one on hand.

Classic Tomato Sauce for Pasta from The Spruce Eats

Make your own pasta sauce in minutes with just simple items you have in your pantry if you have a box of pasta that on hand.

10-Minute Quesadillas from Cookie and Kate

Quesadillas are the perfect go to meal if you need something quick or low on groceries. You can make it veggie or meat style. Add your favorite veggies or meat to this 10-minute meal.

Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup from Good Cheap Eats

Homemade chicken soup is easier than you think. If you keep cooked chicken in the freezer or have leftover chicken that needs to be used up from a chicken roast or turkey then make this comforting soup.

Crispy Black Bean and Rice Burritos from Gimme Delicious

All you need is canned black beans, corn, and rice to make these delicious crispy burritos!

Boozy Baked French Toast from Smitten Kitchen

Enjoy one of the best french toasts recipes if you have a loaf of bread laying around and the other staple ingredients in your home.

7-Can Soup from The Pioneer Woman

All of these ingredients to make this delicious soup is right from the pantry!

What meals do you make when there is no food in the house? Join the conversation below.

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