11 Fun Easter Traditions To Do With Your Family

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Every holiday is a great time to gather with family and friends. You get to enjoy celebrating lots of fun holidays and spend time with each other. Celebrating all together can create memories of a lifetime that you can cherish

Easter is a fun way to start new traditions that have been happening from earlier eras.  I have always enjoyed many of these Easter traditions with my family. I have many memories of my kids opening their Easter baskets, hunting for eggs in the house on a rainy day, dressing up for Easter Sunday, and my husband reading the Easter story to all of us.

This Easter holiday is full of fun traditions you can do with your family, check out these 12 Fun Easter Traditions to do With Your Family!

1. Enjoying the Classics

Enjoying the classic Easter traditional meal is another fun tradition to do with your family.

Try ham or lamb chops for the main dish. Don’t forget the deviled eggs and carrots for some side dishes.

2. Go to Easter Sunday

Visit your local church for Easter Sunday with the whole family. Make sure you wear your Sunday best. It’s a fun time to dress up a little more. Buy your kids some matching outfits if you want as well!

3. Dye Easter Eggs

A fun Easter tradition that everyone has loved for decades is dying Easter eggs. There are tons of fun ways you can dye, paint, or decorate your Easter eggs.

Check out these 12 Egg Decorating Ideas for the Kids!

4. Celebrate with Family and Friends

If you are hosting a causal brunch party or the traditional Easter dinner, then invite your family and friends to celebrate the holiday together. It’s a good time to remember the importance of gathering around the table with those you love and care for.

5. Hunt for Easter Eggs

Hunting for Easter eggs is another fun tradition that has been happening for decades. There is just something so fun about running around, hunting, and collect as many eggs as you can.

You can do a lot with this fun activity. Fill eggs with fun little toys and trinkets, candy, and even some money. You can also do this indoors or outdoors!

6. Visit the Easter Bunny

Just like visiting Santa during the Christmas holiday, there is also the Easter bunny you can visit too! Check out your local malls or shopping centers.

7. Enjoy Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most popular Easter candies to give family and friends. It still is the top seller from the 1800s to purchase and give to others during the Easter celebration.

You can also enjoy the traditional hollowed chocolate bunnies too!

8. Attend an Easter Parade

While the tradition on a parade on Easter is more rare, there are plenty of towns that still put on an annual parade. It’s a fun event for old and young. Check out Easter Egg Hunts and Easter Events website to find a local Easter parade near you.

9. Read the Easter Story

While all the Easter candy and hunt traditions are nice, remembering the true Easter story is important too. Read the Easter story in the Bible and reflect on the message it has with your family and friends.

10. Open Easter Baskets

I remember having memories of waking up on Easter morning and finding an Easter basket for myself. I passed this tradition along to my kids and every year they love opening their own Easter baskets.

There are tons of ideas out there that you can fill your Easter baskets with. Take a look at these Fun Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas for Kids!

11. Give Back

During any holiday it’s a great opportunity to give back to the community, especially during the Easter celebration. There are tons of things you can volunteer for during this time. 

12. Play Some Easter Games

There are tons of old traditional Easter games you can play. For instance, you can hold your own annual Easter Egg Roll competition. 

What are some traditions you do every year with your family on Easter? Join the conversation below and let us know.

Looking for some more fun Easter ideas? Try one of these Fun Easter Traditions for Families!

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