10 Clever Ways to Organize Your Makeup

clever ways organize makeup

With already a hundred of different things to get done in the morning, I am always less likely to think of getting myself ready and barely put some makeup on. It can be nightmare thinking about the more things I need to get completed off my to-do list and even organizing the biggest of things in my house, such as the kitchen pantry all the way to my makeup. Just recently, when I was browsing through Hair and Makeup Girl‘s new post and found something that I wanted to try out. It was this awesome lip plumper reviewed by Heidi, the site’s writer, and I was sold when she said “exfoliating your lips before using the plumping balm will also enhance the effects”. I agreed as I had a very similar experience with one of mine. I tried to look for it but it took 30 minutes to find. I realized I needed to reorganize my stuff, again.

I found out if I am more organized with my things, I am more likely to spend some personal time getting myself ready in the morning. Spending time with myself has made me feel a lot more confident and energetic to knock things off my to do-list and handle the busy day ahead. If you are parent that loves makeup then you probably have your own stash around, but you might be avoiding the chaos that comes with putting on your makeup in the morning because of the mess.

You can easily keep your beauty products organized and easy to grab no matter the time. Need a quick minute to put on some mascara or touch up your lipstick before you head out the door? You will know exactly where all your makeup is with these 10 Clever Ways to Organize Your Makeup!

1. Chic Drawers

A cute layered drawer will help conceal your makeup products. You can find any cute chic drawers or make your very own to fit your style.

2. Clear Storage 

Using clear storage can help you always see what you are looking for. 

3. Hanging Organizer

If you are lacking counter space, then try using an hanging organizer. You can store this on the back of your door, keeping away from the eyes of others. It’s a create idea to keep your bathroom clutter free too.

4. Mail Organizer

File your makeup palettes with mail organizers. You can neatly stack them on top of your bathroom counters or vanities. Spray paint them to match your decor.

5. Tiered Stand

Organize your makeup products on a cute tiered stand for cupcakes or cake. These make a pretty display. 

6. DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

Apply magnetic tape or stickers onto the back of your backup products. Store them on a magnetic board. 

7. Metal Bins

Use different kind of bins, such as these shiny silver metal bins, to store your makeup brushes. You can easily spray paint them with metal paint from your local hardware store to whatever color you desire.

8. Rolling Cart

Store all of your essentials with ease in a rolling cart. Some mornings you might feel like getting ready in your room or the bathroom. Everything is within a quick reach!

9. Install Wall Shelves

Hang wall shelves and store your makeup products, especially if you have a million different kind of palettes with all different shapes and sizes. Perfect for small bathrooms or bedrooms. They are also quickly within reach.

10. Drawer Containers

If you have room within your drawers to store your makeup products, get organized by purchasing different shapes and sizes to keep everything neatly tidy. 

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