The Best Pre-Baby Bucket List for Parents to Be

Whenever you plan on having a baby with your spouse, finding time for yourself and your partner can be incredibly hard. You might even have heard from your own parents and parent-friends that you won’t be able to do a lot of things you used to do when having a baby. It is a life-changing even for yourself and your partner, but definitely with amazing countless benefits!

Before the big life changing transition comes, it’s important to really connect, have fun, and enjoy each other’s time before you start expanding your family. You can still do a lot of the things you did while having kids, but I have found that it is way harder to when you have little ones to consider.

I have put together a list of things you should try doing before you decide to start a family of your own. These can both be enjoyable for you and your partner and help strengthen your relationship. Check out these pre-baby bucket list ideas for parents to be!

Declutter Your Home

One of the first things you need to do to make room for your coming baby is getting rid of things you no longer need. Including any unfinished renovation projects that you might be in the process with or planning to do. You’re going to want to make sure these projects are completed because certainly your time will be focused on caring for your new baby and enjoying those new moments of motherhood.

Go on Dates

Scheduling regular date nights before the baby is born can help you both appreciate those moments you get alone. It’s a chance to experience each other’s alone time before those first few weeks following your baby’s birth become filled with all sorts of new things when taking care of your new little one as you learn to adjust to your new life. You can always try and continue to date when baby arrives too, especially if you have some helping hands from family and friends.

Start an Emergency Fund

When the baby comes, you will soon find out how expensive they can be. It’s always a great idea to start saving up in case there is an emergency. You never know when you might have a “rainy day” and need some extra money.

Quiet Time

You might have heard that you won’t get any sleep when you have a new baby or have any quiet time to yourself. It’s certainly true you might have a lack of asleep and a lot less time to yourself like you might have before. Before the baby comes, make sure you set aside some quiet time and get plenty of sleep.

Go on Adventures

With a new baby it can be more complicated to go travelling. You should consider taking one last trip before the baby comes. It’s a great way to celebrate the new season upcoming in your life. As well, it’s a great way to get some alone time before those moments become rare once again.

Upgrade the Car

Consider upgrading your current vehicle to one that is safe and convenient. You might even want to purchase a car that allows your family to grow even more if you plan on having more than one child in your family. Make sure when upgrading your car, it has all the necessary things to will make your new parent life even easier.

Exchange Gifts

One of the most fun ways you can celebrate the birth of your new baby is giving each other birth presents. These gifts show your appreciation and the beginning journey of parenthood with each other. Some gift ideas you might consider giving each other is items that are timeless and a keepsake.


Another thing you might miss out on when the baby arrives is those intimate moments you had together. Consider spending the follow weeks before the baby arrives to enjoy each other’s company and sharing those intimate moments together. When the baby arrives, consider scheduling or be spontaneous!

During the process, before the baby arrives, remember to have fun together. Preparing for a new change in your lives can feel daunting and stressful. Relish in the idea that your tiny bundle of joy is going to change your lives in amazing ways as you both enter your journey of parenthood together.

What are some things you did with your partner before your baby arrived? Join the conversation below!

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