6 Money Saving Tips to Travel More

Experiencing new places and adventures with my family has become one of my favorite ways to make memories with them. Years later, my oldest three kids always tell me how much they had fun on our vacations we went on. It has become some of their favorite memories from their childhood too.

I am still dreaming of visiting new places with my family. Knowing how much these vacations have made unforgettable memories has me wanting to go on so many more wit them. I cherish these memories so much with my family.

You might have your own memories you have created with your family when visiting new places or going on different adventures. However, I know sometimes that going on dream vacations can really veer you off when you think about all the expenses. For a long time, I was always fearful we would never have enough to take my whole family on our dream vacations.

I learned that my worries about my finances didn’t have to ruin my dreams of visiting new places with my family. There are so many ways out there that you can start saving and afford to go places with your own family, just make sure that you have the proper travel insurance to ensure that you and your family are covered while out of the country.

Check out these 6 money saving tips to travel more.

1. Save Up Over Time

Planning for your dream vacation can make it a reality. You need to start by saving up for it though. Learning to budget and set aside some income can add up overtime. It’s best to know what your dream vacation is so you can estimate all of the cost of the vacation. Some things you should consider in your plan is the cost of airfare, lodging, food, activities, and whatever else you can think of.

2. Travel During the Off Season

Airfare and lodging fluctuate throughout the year. You can save money by taking a trip on the off season. October is often the less busy travel month. You’ll find better deals too during the off season.

3. Finding the Best Flight Deals

The best time to try and find the best airfare deals. When I am looking for flight deals, I usually look three and four months before our trip. Remember that when buying your tickets to fly depends on the season and the vacation destination.

4. Try a Day Trip

Day trips are a fun way to travel more. You are also not spending a lot of money too. There are a lot of local cities you can visit just within a couple hours from your city. Schedule some fun activities while you are on your day trip too.

5. Use Your Credit Card Rewards

You can rack up some great deals if you have a credit card with reward points. You can use your reward points to book your trip. Sometimes your credit card rewards can help you reimburse for expenses, such as a trip delay or cover you for rental car insurance.

6. Spend Less on Eating

When you are travelling your expenses can quickly add up when purchasing food. You can pack snacks from home and visiting the grocery store to save on overpriced meals at restaurants. If you do plan on eating out, order appetizers or dine out during lunch.

What are some ways you save on your dream vacation or while travelling? Join the conversation below.

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