5 Ways to Help Build Your Child’s Confidence

Build Your Child's Confidence

After raising five kids, I have learned giving my children self-confidence is one of the greatest gifts I can give them. When I first became a parent, I wanted my children to have a positive sense of self. I wanted them to feel competent to overcome challenges and solve difficult problems. Overall, I want to give them a sense of self-esteem that made them happy people as they got older.

There are many ways you can help build your child’s self-esteem. Some ways you can help your child today to boost their confidence is giving them the opportunity to make their own choices, responsibilities, and spending time with them. To help build your child’s self-confidence, take a look at these 5 ways to build your child’s confidence.

1. Give Your Child Choices

Giving your children to choices to do something makes them feel empowered. You can give your kids a list of options. It’s easy to help them feel empowered by giving them options they might want to eat for breakfast, such as offering them eggs, cereal, or pancakes. Giving your children the opportunity to make choices while they are young can help prepare them to make more difficult choices as they grow older.

2. Facing Challenges

Don’t offer to do everything for your children. It might be easier to help dress them in the morning or put on their shoes, but your child will feel a sense of accomplishment when they do it themselves. Be patient and give your child time to work things out. Your child will feel more competent and confident to overcome new challenges in the future.

3. Give Your Child Responsibility

A great way for your child to learn responsibility is assign chores. You will want to assign chores that are appropriate for your child’s age so they can successfully complete the task. Some household chores you can give your children are setting the table for dinner, folding the laundry, emptying the dishwasher, and looking after family pets by feeding or taking them on walks.

4. Offer Praise

Praise your child often but only when you are sincere about it. Your child may be able to detect if a praise is insincere. As well, avoid belittling your child’s feelings. When you feel like things are getting hot take a short break and avoid saying anything you might regret. Speak to them calmly when you have settled down. Tell them you disliked their behavior but explain to them that doesn’t mean you dislike them.

5. Spend Time With Your Child

Schedule some alone time with your child. You can do this by grabbing something to eat or doing a fun activity together. It’s a great time to talk about things with your child. Learn about new things or just talking about their life. Spending time with your children can create a deep bond between you two.

What are some ways you help build your child’s confidence? Join the conversation below.

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