5 Tips for Planning and Celebrating Your Baby’s First Birthday

baby's birthday planning tips

It’s hard to believe our newborn babies grow up so fast! I could never figure out where the time went when all my little ones started turning one-years-old. 

When our baby’s turn one, it’s a great time to celebrate their first birthday but also mean you have survived one year of parenthood! I loved planning parties for all my children and inviting our friends and family over for my kid’s firth birthdays. From picking the perfect theme to making the cake, there are plenty of things you can do for their first birthday.

If you aren’t into planning a big party, you can always throw a small celebration with just the family.  How much you plan is up to you, but check out these 5 tips to help plan and celebrate your baby’s first birthday!

1. Keep It Short

The party or event never has to be a long one. If you are inviting younger children over than plan on keeping the party short. It can be an hour or two and still have lots of activities full of fun.

2. Serve a Special Birthday Cake

If you are feeling creative, make a special birthday cake for your little one. You can also order and purchase a special cake for their big day too. If there is a theme to the party then plan on getting something to go with the theme.

3. Take Pictures Before the Party

Before the guests arrive, it’s always a good idea to take pictures of the even beforehand. Take pictures of the cake and the decorations. Make sure you take pictures of your little one and get some of the family in the pictures as well.

4. Give Your Baby Some Downtime If Needed

Your little one might need some downtime during the party. It’s always good to keep in mind when your little one takes their naps. Plan on having the party or even around the time in between their napping and feeding. 

5. Don’t Overload Yourself

If you are planning on making it a fun celebration, make sure you don’t overload yourself. Instead of making everything, plan on buying the food you are going to serve, such as the birthday cake and deli sandwiches.

What are some birthday tips you use to plan your children’s birthday parties? Join the conversation below.

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  1. My son’s 1st birthday is already drawing near, and I’m planning to celebrate it in a dinner buffet restaurant. I’d make sure to have a cake customized so it will go with the birthday theme. Of course, I’ll make sure to hire a photographer, so there will be photos both before and after the party.

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