10 Fun Free Things to Do Around Your Town

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Sometimes it feels like there is nothing to do in my hometown. I am always dreaming of going on these great adventures with my family that are far away. These dream vacations seem so much better than doing anything within our hometown. However, having the lack of funds to go on vacation can really make it feel like you are stuck without anything fun to do.

There are tons of activities you can do in your hometown! I was so surprised to see that my hometown had a lot of free activities out there for my family and I to do. the best part was I didn’t have to spend a fortune to attend any of these activities. You might have some free and fun activities right in your own city too!

Check out these 10 fun things to do in your hometown!

1. Tour Historic Sites

Your hometown has a history of its own. If you haven’t explored it yet, reach out to your local historical society for some tips on where to go. There is so much fun learning about the history of your hometown.

2. Visit the Library

Libraries have more to offer than just books. You might be able to borrow some unique items from your public library, such as instruments, tools, museum passes and more. You can always go there to read a new book too.

3. Go to a Free Museum

Check your local museum for any upcoming admission details for free entry. Some museums might offer local admission for residents during a month or year. September also has a Free Museum Day, so you might be able to score some free admission passes during that time.

4. Attend a Local Festival

Visit your city’s website to see if there is an upcoming fall family festival on their calendar that don’t require any fees to enter the event. Try Eventbrite that finds free upcoming events near you.

5. Watch a Movie for Free

You might be able to enjoy a free movie outdoors. Check out your hometown’s city parks and recreation department if there are any planned events.

6. Enjoy a Free Concert

See if your city also offers free outdoor concerts, especially when the weather is nice.

7. Check out the Local Community College

Many community colleges have free events that you can attend. You might hear a public lecture or from an author that offers book signings.

8. Explore Your Hometown

Just heading out the door and exploring your own hometown can be a great experience. Visit a part of your city that you never been before. You might discover something new your whole family will love!

9. Spend Time with Your Neighbors

If you haven’t spent time with your neighbor or never spoke to the new ones on your block now is the perfect time to get acquainted once again.

10. Visit Your Local Farmers Market or Flea Market

There are tons of exciting thing to see at the local farmers market or flea market. You can teach the kids all about locally grown food too. There might be some great deals at these markets too.

What are some free activities you do in your hometown? Join the conversation below!

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