8 Free and Fun Ideas to Do on a Date

fun free date ideas
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I have always looked forward to going out on dates with my husband. It was a chance for us spend time together without the kids And also sometime to just relax with each other without thinking about anything else.

If you have been missing out on going on dates with your partner because your family is on a budget then you need to stop right there and get back out on dates!

There are plenty of fun and free activities you can do out there without touching your wallet. Your bank account shouldn’t stop you from going out when there are plenty of free date ideas everywhere near you.

Check out these 8 free and fun ideas to do on a date!

1. Go for a walk

One of the best ways to spend time together is to go on a walk. You can both enjoy the scenery and have a conversation without even spending a dime.

2. Cook at home

Show off your cooking skills (or your skill to follow a recipe!) with a home-cooked meal. It’s also a great opportunity to get in the kitchen and cook together or try something new with each other.

3. Go star gazing

On a clear night go out and spend the evening stargazing. Try spotting different constellations and see if you can see a shooting star. You might even want to check out nearby colleges if they offer free planetarium shows.

4. Attend an art gallery opening

Many art gallery openings will have their doors open to the public without you having to spend a penny. You can see free new exhibits and artist talks.

5. Catch a free movie screening

Is there a re moving coming out you are wanting to see? You might be able to snag some free tickets by signing up with Gofobo where movie studios and public relation firms offer movie screening passes in advance.

6. See a comedy show

See if your local comedy clubs are hosting free shows. You might not hear from a famous comedian, but local and up coming comedians can still have you both laughing!

7. Tour a winery or brewery

Taste some free samples of wine or beer while you are out learning about the local winery or brewery in your area. You might discover your new favorite wine or beer together.

8. Learn a new dance

If you both love to dance or want to ty something new, check out learning a new dance style. There is swing dancing, line dancing, and salsa. Some local dance locations might offer free lessons, but if you really want to impress your special someone, then consider taking these bachelorette dancing lessons.

What are some fun date ideas you and your partner do? Join the conversation below in the comments!

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