7 Things to Stock Up on in January

We are all at the start of a new year, which means you probably have some financial goals. If you have goals to save money or keep yourself within a budget then you need to know when is the right time to stock up on items.

Stocking up on items when prices are low can really save you money! So take a look at some of these things you can stock up on in the month of January.

1. Low-calorie and low-crab frozen meals


Healthy frozen meals will be on sale this month considering all the new resolutions that will be made this month. Stock up on frozen meals with low-calorie or low-crab to keep in your freezer.

2. Get your favorite healthy cereal

Another healthy food item that you should stock up on in January is low-sugar cereal. You’ll find great deals with brands like Kashi, Annie’s, Bear Naked, KIND, and Udi’s.

3. Stock up on cold & flu medicine

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The cold and flu season is happening right now, but thankfully there are some good sales and discounts to help fight them back. You might find some great combo packs with DayQuil and NyQuil at Walgreens and Rite Aid.

4. After Christmas sales on TVs aren’t over!

Black Friday might be the best time to buy new items but there are some great prices on TVs right before Super Bowl. Check. Take a look at the deals over at Best Buy and Target right now!

5. Get snacks for the big game or just to have

You will expect to find some low prices on game day snacks throughout January. Stock up on them for the big Super Bowl watch party or just to stock up in the house for the family.

6. Seasonal Produce for fresh and tasty meals

Check out the produce section for any low prices on seasonal produce like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, oranges, kale, spinach, and tangerines in January. These produce items are all in season during the month and a great time to stock up on them and put them in your freezer to save them to use later.

7. Stock up on baking supplies

Another great item to stock up on is baking supplies like candy and chocolate. Stores will be trying to clear out their holiday themed baking supplies this month. So if you don’t mind using themed mixes for baking then stock up on baking supplies!

What are some items you stock up on this month? Tell us in the comments below!

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