5 Bathroom Trends You Need in Your Home

Our household bathrooms are turning towards a self-care and wellness environment for us as much as our bedrooms have become. These spaces are becoming more personalized to our individual needs that help us retreat and find relaxation from all the stress. No matter the size of your bathroom, small or large, there is always a possible way to turn it into a spa-like retreat for your own needs.

If you love keeping your home modern and vibrant or are looking to revamp the bathrooms in your home, then you need to check out these easy bathroom trends for the coming year.

Take a look at the latest bathrooms trends you might just want to add to your home bathrooms!

Accent Walls

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Accent walls in the last few years have increasing become more common in homes. Adding an accent wall can provide elegance and sophistication to any room, even your bathroom! You can choose a single solid color or a beautiful design. If you decide to add an accent wall into your bathroom make sure you select the wall that is a focal point in the bathroom. Make sure the accent wall complements the rest of the bathroom color palette and décor.

Freestanding Vanities

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Continuing with more personalization, freestanding vanities can create a unique appeal within your bathroom. There are many customs looks that freestanding vanities can come in. If you are looking for a small purchase to update your bathroom then purchasing a freestanding vanity can really do the trick. Freestanding vanities offer great design options and with storage choices that are built-in, making this a perfect choice as well for small or large bathrooms. Double vanities are also popular for those who have more space, such as a master bedroom.

Natural Tones and Textures

bathroom trends home decor

Creating a calming space and a bathroom with a spa-like environment can easily be done with using natural tones and textures. Natural tones and textures can easily fit into already existing features, such as wood or marble. There are many natural tones and textures when it comes to different home décor styles you can choose from. Some home décor styles you might consider are rustic and farmhouse.

Round Mirrors

bathroom trends home decor

Recently round mirrors have become a new trend in the latest home décor world, especially for bathrooms. A circular mirror helps break away from the sharp angles most bathrooms are filled with. A round mirror works perfectly with a pedestal sink or single and double vanities.

Freestanding Bathtubs and Sinks

bathroom trends home decor

A bathroom classic that may never go out of style are the freestanding bathtubs and sinks, especially made of stone or Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin. These can easily increase the value of your home although they can be a bit higher on the budget.

What are some of your favorite home décor trends? Share below with us in the comments!

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