11 Things You Can Surprising Do With Your Coffee Maker

One of the things I love about cooking is the amazing and creative ways people have come up with when it comes to food. Even with a basic household appliance like a coffee maker!

The fact that you can even possibly make something in your coffee pot astonishes me. But using a coffee pot to make basic things like boiled eggs, pancakes, and hot cocoa can really be beneficial if you are staying at a hotel or have a college student living in the dorms.

Check out these 11 Things You Can Surprising Do With Your Coffee Maker!

1. Hard or Soft Boiled Eggs

You can make either hard or soft boiled eggs with a coffee maker. It’s super simple! Just place a few eggs into the carafe then start a water-only brew in your coffee maker. 

2. Grilled Cheese

Make a quick lunch by cooking up a grilled cheese sandwich on the heat plate of your coffee maker. You can either spray down the heat plate or put a layer of tin foil it over for a mess-free grilled cheese.

3. Pancakes

Cooking With Your Coffee Maker

Another great thing you can make on your coffee maker’s heat plate is pancakes! 

Put a layer of nonstick foil on the hot plate so you can avoid the pancake mix from creating a mess. Pour a dollop of the pancake on the foil and then make pancakes like you normally would.

Try these pancakes with Blueberry Sauce!

4. Tea


Throw a few of your favorite tea bags into the basket where you normally would put the coffee. Hit the brew button like your normally would when making coffee but this time you’ll have a fresh cup of tea waiting for you to pour!

Follow these instructions from WikiHow!

5. Hot Dogs


Make another easy lunch by cooking hot dogs in your coffeemaker. Place the hot dogs in the carafe and fill the machine with 6-8 cups of water then hit brew. About 30 minutes later the hot dogs will be hot and ready to eat.

Tip: Remember to wash the coffee pot afterwards thoroughly so you don’t end up tasting hot dogs in your coffee next time!

6. Ramen Noodle Soup

Team Black Sheep Airsoft

Want another quick meal? This one is great for college kids!

Throw a package of ramen noodles into the coffeepot. Fill the coffeemaker with the recommended amount of water, usually about a cup. Pour in the flavor pouch and then hit brew!

Check out for the full instructions here!

7. Oatmeal


You can easily make oatmeal in a coffee pot since all you really need is hot water.

Just put water into the reservoir and the oatmeal into the carafe, leave the basket empty and then hit the brew button.

8. Steamed Veggies


The basket where you normally put your coffee is the perfect place for steaming a serving of a veggies.

Chop your veggies up and place them into the basket. Fill the reservoir with water. Then run a brew cycle. Cook the veggies further by running another brew cycle. 

With this method you can cook broccoli florets, baby carrots or small pieces of asparagus.

9. Mashed Potatoes 

Cooking With Your Coffee Maker

Make some delicious mashed potatoes by cutting up the potatoes into small chunks and then putting them into your coffee maker.

Cutting up the potatoes into small chunks helps cook the potatoes faster. Also make sure they are all the same save to cook evenly You’ll want to run a few brewing cycles of hot water in order to make them soft. Once they are soft drain and remove them into a separate bowl.

10. Hot Chocolate

Enjoy a nice warm cup of hot chocolate by filling up your coffee pot half way with heavy cream. Then pour in a bag of your favorite chocolate chips. Yes, the entire bag!

After the chocolate chips then you want to pour in two cups of water into the reservoir. Hit the brew button and enjoy a fresh, chocolaty cup of hot cocoa.

Tip: You might need to stir the pot of hot chocolate before drinking it.

11. Prepare “Just Add Water” Foods

Preparing items that just need hot water can easily be made by using your coffee maker. Including foods like cup of noddles, instant mashed potatoes, instant oatmeal, and instant rice.

Just pour water into the coffeemaker’s reservoir and make sure the brew basket is empty before running a brew cycle. Then pour the hot water from the carafe into the food containers. 

For instant rice and oatmeal, add these foods to the coffee pot, start a brew cycle and let the food sit in the hot water until it is cooked.

Have you ever used a coffee maker to cook something other than coffee? Let us know below in the comments!

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