10 Ways To Organize a Chest Freezer

Organizing your very own chest freezer might seem like not an easy thing to do. Searching and spending endless amount of time looking for the item you know is in there can be frustrating.

A chest freezer is a popular choice because it can hold a large amount of frozen items in a relatively small space. However, a chest freezer can be notoriously bad for accumulating clutter. If the freezer is not properly organized, it can waste your money and food items.

It’s time to pull your frozen items out of your chest freezer and get to decluttering and get organized with these ten ways to organize your chest freezer!

1. Make it accessible with easy reach

Keep the clutter off the chest freezer so you can easily access the frozen items. Inside should also only remain with the items you need.

2. Energy efficient packing

A full chest will help you save money by being energy efficient. If you have extra space, fill up water bottles and place them at the bottom or in small spaces of the chest freezer that are empty. It also helps maintain the cold inside the chest freezer if the power goes out.

3. Compartmentalize for easy access

Split your chest freezer into sections and keep your foods in different areas. Meat, fruit, veggies, and others in their own separate containers. You should also use your kitchen freezer for short term freezer items and open bags of produce.

4. Build your own built-in cubbies

Idea from The Gig’s Digs

Use wooden planks to create cubbies.

5. Locker crates

Idea from My Frugal Home

The dimensions of locker crates might feet your freezer. You can label each of the creates for different frozen items. Fruit, meat, veggies and more are some of the things you can organize into each different crate.

6. Milk crates

Idea from Pinterest

Milk crates are another easy way to organize. Just like locker crates you can label and organize similar frozen items together. The heaviest foods, such as meat, should go on the bottom of the freezer. You can then put frozen fruit and veggies in the middle. Lastly, put butter, cheese, and lighter items on the top.

7. Free printable labels for your frozen items

10 organize chest freezer
Idea from Amy Bayllis

Use these freezer printable tags to label your frozen food items.

8. Deep storage baskets

10 organize chest freezer
Idea from Just My Rosy Life

Instead of crates you can purchase deep storage baskets. These are can be found at Amazon.

9. Create an inventory map

10 organize chest freezer
Idea from Home Storage Solutions

An inventory map helps you know what frozen items you have on hand but also where in the freezer your food might be. Click here to get a free printable.

10. Organize with reusable grocery bags

10 organize chest freezer
Idea from If you do stuff, stuff gets done

Reusebale grocery bags also make for great organization. They work similar with the crates and deep storage baskets. These can also be labeled and organized with similar frozen items.

What are some ways you keep your chest freezers decluttered and organized? Join the conversation below in the comments!

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