10 New Year Resolutions for a Better Marriage

10 year resolutions marriage

Can you believe another year has flown by?

It’s that time of year where we all feel hopeful for the anticipation for a new start and reflect on the past year as we prepare for the next year. I normally start to feel ambitious when the New Year arrives by setting new personal goals for myself, such as fitness and relationship goals.

One of the most important resolutions I like to make each year with my husband is a goal that focuses on our marriage. We believe making a resolution for the new year that focuses on our marriage can help strengthen and protect our marriage in the future.

If you are wanting to strengthen and protect your marriage with your partner, then you will want to set some time apart and sit down together. Make a list of things you feel like you need to work on. It’s important you both are honest with each other when you are making possible resolutions for your marriage this new year.

Here are 10 resolutions for the new year that can make your marriage better!

1. Read the Bible More Together

Make time to dig in and read the Bible together. It can really make a difference in your marriage together when you both dig deep into the Bible.

Choose a reading plan together. The Bible App has a lot of great plans available. Most of these plans are easy to keep up with and only need about 20 to 40 mins a day of reading to keep up. You can also start journaling together about the reading plan and what God’s Word and lessons are teaching you both.

2. Pray More This Year

Prayer is important for your relationship with God and your relationships. Be intentional this year with praying when you are alone or with your spouse. Set time aside to pray where you can be focused and intentional with your time set aside.

3. Plan Date Nights

Commit to a weekly or bi-weekly date night with each other to reconnect and keep the romance alive your marriage. It can be going out together or even having a date night at home.

4. Try Something New

Each month seek out new and unfamiliar activities. Try a new place to eat at on date night, take a class together, or visit a new place you never been together.

5. Keep the Passion Alive

You might feel your marriage has gotten a little boring and you are doing the same things every day. Keep the passion alive and help get thing steamy again this year. Flirt, cuddle, and do so much more. you’ll be thankful you did to make the passion come back alive!

6. Say “I Love You” Every Day

It is easy to assume that our spouses know we love them. There are tons of different was to say and show that you do, but this year make sure you never let a day ago by without say you love them in a special way every day.

7. Encourage Each Other

Intentionally encourage each other this new year. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Send encouraging messages daily
  • Send a letter in the mail to your house
  • Give each other gifts just because
  • Say 5 positive things for every negative remark you make towards your spouse
  • Tell your spouse one thing you appreciate about them

8. Forgive and Forget

Strive to forgive your partner as soon as they apologize or ask to be forgiven. It is easy to hold a grudge and bring back past events that hurt you both. However, never letting these go and not forgiving your spouse can lead to a less happier self and marriage. So, make a resolution this year to forgive and forget!

9. Communicate and Fight More Fair

We all can agree no marriage is perfect, but you can make a resolution to have a more peaceful marriage together this year. Work towards a healthy conflict resolution by communicating more and fighting fairly. Refrain from calling each other names, criticizing, attacking their personality or character, and bringing up past arguments. Instead, discuss the issue you are currently having a disagreement about and communicate with each other to find a solution.

10. Set a Long-Term Goal Together

Set a long-term goal you both can do together. You can plan to save up for a trip for you both, run a half marathon together, or whatever you can come up with. Making a long-term plan together can give you both something to look forward to and creating more time together.

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