10 Household Items You Need to Toss Now

When it comes to certain household items, not everything is meant to last forever. There are many household items you should have tossed out a long time ago. Getting organized by deep cleaning and decluttering your home can help free up space.

Check out these 10 household items you need to toss out now!

1. Plastic Containers

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Plastic containers are not always meant to have around forever. Over time plastic will breakdown and no longer have its use. Check for signs of wear and tear on your plastic containers, if they have any discolored appearance, warped or cracked then you should toss those containers. Toss any containers that are missing lids or have unusually odors too.

Tip: Every few years toss plastic containers for storage and immediately for any disposable packaging.

2. Household Cleaners

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Many of the ingredients in household cleaners will break down over time, thus reducing the effectiveness of their purpose. You will want to replace them after a few years with fresh household cleaners.

Tip: To know which ones to toss away, write the date you purchased the household cleaning items to make it easier.

3. Vitamins

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The quality of vitamins degrades over time. Check the packaging for any expiration date. If you cannot find a date or the vitamins have not been used, then replace them with new ones. Normally vitamins are good or 2 years or when an expiration date is labelled.

Tip: Drop off any vitamins or other medications at drug take-back locations near you.

4. Sunscreen

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Like vitamins, the quality of the protective chemicals in sunscreen break down over time. This reduces the quality of the product to block out the damaging rays from the sun.

Tip: Toss sunscreen after every summer or if there is an expiration date.

5. Cooking Oils, Herbs, and Spices

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Lighting and Heating can break down oils and even spices over time. This will make them less flavorful. You can extend the self-life by storing the items properly in a cool and dry area.

Tip: Cooking oils will smell rancid and spices will lose their distinct aromas when no longer good.

6. Opened Paint

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Once you open a can of pain then the components in the pain will begin to separate. If the can of paint is open for a while it can make the paint difficult to mix. You can take your can of paint to a local paint or hardware store to mix up a new can of paint that matches the color formula you want if you are thinking about repainting or a room or using it to paint something else.

Tip: Know what kind of paint you are disposing before deciding what to do wit it. Oil-alkyd-base paints are considered hazardous and should be dropped off at local hazardous waste sites while old latex paint should be thrown away into the trash.

7. Appliance Manuals

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Most appliance and equipment manuals can be found online by major equipment manufacturers. These usually are free and can be downloaded in PDF files. If there are none available online, you can always reach out to the company’s customer service to get answers to any questions you might have.

Tip: For more specialized instruction manuals, keep them organized in a binder or file folder.

8. Toothbrushes

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Overtime the bristles of your toothbrush will be broken down. Your toothbrush might even collect bacteria in between the bristles. Replacing them every few months, especially if you are using the same toothbrush when you have been sick.

Tip: Replace the removable toothbrush head every 3 months of electric toothbrushes.

9. Pillows

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Using the same pillow for a couple years will eventually breakdown the material inside. Your pillows also collect dust, oil, and debris from your face. Some pillows might even collect dust mites, which can cause issues for those who might have asthma or allergies.

Tip: Donate your pillows to animal shelters that can be repurposed to use as bedding. Call ahead as not all animal shelters will accept used pillows.

10. Expired Food

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Expired food can take up space you might need in your fridge and hide food you want to eat. Organize your fridge by removing all the items and checking their expiration dates. Throw away expired foods immediately or if there is mold or unusual smells.

Tip: Mark the date on the containers for any prepared food or leftovers before putting them in the fridge so you know how long its been there. Place prepared food or leftovers in a dedicated area of the fridge so you don’t forget about them!

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