Clean Out Your Kid’s Closet With These 11 Steps

clean out kid's closet
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With a new year or change of season, it’s always a great time to get reorganized and declutter our homes!

I love taking this time of year to tackle areas of my home that need to be MAJORLY decluttered. One of these is cleaning out my child’s closet. There are tons of clothing that no longer fit them. You also might discover there other treasures in there you might have forgotten about!

Check out these 11 easy steps on cleaning your child’s closet out.

Step #1: Clear out the whole closet

Schedule a couple of hours to set aside before you tackle your child’s closet. Then, start by taking everything out of the closet. Once the space is completely empty wipe down any shelves and drawers. Vacuum if necessary.

Step #2: Categorize the items

As you pull out items place them into categories. Put clothes in one pile and toys in another. Place goods that could be stored somewhere else, such as sporting goods, extra bedding and whatever you might find.

Step #3: Evaluate the clothing

Get rid of any clothing that is torn, stained, or beyond repair. If your child has outgrown any of the clothing, it can be stored for a younger sibling, placed in a bag to give away, or set aside to sell online or at a garage sale.

Step #4: Wash everything

Wash everything in your child’s closet. If some of the clothing, you have is still in good condition but has various stains check online to get advice on some tips and tricks. It’s always good to wash everything as well to get rid of any musty smells.

Step #5: Make most of your space

Maximize the closet space by consider putting in mobile shelving to store other items, such as toys, books, and games. You can also consider hanging hooks on the back of the closet door to hold jackets, hats, or other accessories. Hooks can also be placed on other empty spaces within the closet.

Consider double hanging whenever it’s possible to really maximize the space within your child’s closet. Get rid of mismatching hangers.

Use storage bins and other storage containers to store smaller items or for keeping less-frequently needed items, such as toys or bedding.

Step #6: Group items together

Organize your child’s clothing by the type. This will help you know how much of each type of clothing you have and will be easier for your children to get dressed in the morning. Keep items your child uses the most in places that are easy for them to reach.

Step #7: Label

Once every item that belongs in your child’s closet has found a home, it’s time to label the storage bins and boxes. Labeling the bins will help anyone else helping your child or even your own child to get ready and know where to find each item. It will also help make sure the items are properly put away in the same spot. You can use chalkboard labels, printed labels, or wooden tags for your bins.

Step #8: Remove the clutter

Store your child’s items they often use, such as homework projects or school materials somewhere outside the closet. You can use the front entryway, a drop zone, or cubby space area.

Prevent any dirty clothes from gathering in a pile in the closet by using an easy-access hamper.

Step #9: Organize a shared closet space

If your children share a bedroom with another sibling, then you need to get a little more creative. Invest in a closet shelving system for the maximize amount of storage space within the closet. Most clothing items can be folded neatly and placed in a well-organized manner. Give each child in the room 5-6 shelves to organize their close. Ideally the closet will be large enough so they can have two shelving units and each half of the total closet space.

Step #10: Get your child involved

Get your kids involved with the organization process every step of the way. It’s a great way for small children to learn to organize. Ask them where they would like things to go or what would be the best way to make something organized.

Step #11: Maintain

Now that your child’s closet is organized and looking great, the only thing left is keeping it that way. Be committed to putting everything back where it belongs. The labels will help with this. However, establishing a routine of picking up the room at the end of each day will help maintain an organized space throughout the week. Your child can start learning to clean their room by keeping it picked up. On laundry days, you can start teaching your child how to put away his or her own clothing.

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