6 Ways Families Can Make Christmas About More Than Presents

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The children start thinking about Christmas presents long before December arrives. Kids can’t help but wonder and hope what presents they will receive. This special time of year brings a great opportunity for children to learn the true value of Christmas.

Check out these 6 ways families can make Christmas about more than presents!

1. Buy Gifts That Help Others

The holiday season is the season of giving. You can show your children how they can give gifts to their friends and family that helps others. It’s a great way to teach the true value of Christmas.

There are many ways to show your children how to help others. For example, you can buy a present for a family or friend that a portion of the proceeds go to sick children, anti-hunger projects, and less fortunate children around the world.

2. Get Involved

Charities around the holiday season can always use extra helping hands. Your family can easily get involved! You can pack boxes of food with local charity, help deliver Christmas gifts to less fortunate, or serve food at a soup kitchen on Christmas.

Try one of the following charities for Christmas:

3. Donate Toys

Hit two birds with one stone by hitting the playroom and pack up boxes of old toys. You’ll soon be filling the room back up with new toys on Christmas Day.

Many children can benefit from toys that are donated. Hospitals and local charities will gladly accept gently used toys.

4. Visit the Elderly

Take your family to a retirement or senior home care to visit the elderly. Some of them don’t get visitors around the holidays. You can put a smile on their face when you visit!

Be sure to call the director of the retirement and nursing homes to ask when a good day and time would be to come visit. You can ask if making homemade gifts or baked goods would be acceptable to bring and share with the elderly. Simply taking the time to talk to these people can be a great gift too!

5. Attend a Church Service

Churches have wonderful programs, especially in December, that can teach your whole family the true value of Christmas. Some of the programs included are Christmas plays, live nativity scenes, and more!

6. Start Family Christmas Traditions

There are many fun Christmas traditions you can add to your family’s routine every year that can show them the true value of Christmas. You can start these traditions on Thanksgiving night too! Having a set of annual traditions take away the 100% focus on all things presents, but it also gives you more time with your family.

What are some ways you and your family do to show the true value of Christmas? Share below in the comments with us!

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